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Before reading this blog, you need to take a deep breath, because it can be against many theories which you have heard from media, academic professors and medical doctors.

      The good news is, after reading, understanding and following the step/s which I am offering, your fear reduces by about %70. You also feel and look better.

      It's been a few month since Corona took over the media all over the world and effected most of people's life style in a bad way. In general, when people have fear, they instantly reflect and react, without thinking.

      Imagine that you are not an auto technician and you do not have any tool in your vehicle. You are driving alone to a different city at night. All of a sudden your vehicle breaks down and you pull over. By the time a tow truck arrives, it takes few hours. You get scared. Finally the tow truck arrives and tows your vehicle to a unknown town near by. This unknown town scares you even more. A day after, the mechanic estimates $800. If you accept, it takes a few days, because the part is a special order and there are few vehicles in line before yours. This makes you feel even worse. You must pay or you will be stuck there for awhile. Beside, you lose few days of work, plus paying extra for hotel and restaurant. Therefore you pay it without complaining to just get yourself out of that situation.

Now, imagine yourself in same situation, but you are an auto technician this time. You have all the tools in your vehicle as well. When your vehicle breaks down this time, you simply diagnose it. You find out that a possitive wire which goes from alternator to battery, has a poor connection. You clean it and reinstall it. Basically, you diagnose and repair your vehicle's problem and you gladly continue your joyful trip without fear. Your business didn't get effected in a bad way. You also saved $800 plus few days hotel and restaurant expenses.

What is the difference between the first condition and second condition?

1) Lack of knowlege/        2) having knowlege

That was an example for Corona virus or many other diseases. I heard an advertisement in TV last night. It started with this sentense:

"You are strong, Cancer,   but that doesn't mean that we cannot defeat you. We fight back stronger than ever."

This means that the medical academic system across the globe has been fighting with cancer for more than 50 years. I talked about this before. Regardless of they did want to find a cure or they did not want to, we the people gave enough funds, opportunity and time to pharmaceutical companies and medical academic system. Don't you agree? I'm talking about billions of dollars during the last 50 years. 


       Imagine that your mind is a room with one door, without window. You lived in it since you were born and you haven't ever exited the room. They open the door for you everyday for getting fresh air, playing games with you, offering many type of fun entertainments and feeding you with variety of delicious food, dessert and drinks. At the end, you've seen only a beautiful mountain when they open the door for feeding you and taking your wastes and trashes. When you asked them what is outside, they reply, "All there are, just mountain, Nothing else." you most likely believe it. Because they got your trust by feeding you and entertaining you. But there are a small chance that you want to experience and process it by your own brain, Not copying and pasting method. Therefore you may passionately break through one of the wall and opening a window to see what is outside from another angle. Unlike what they told you, there are some thing else beside mountain too. there could be a lake or canyon or an ocean or a jungle or a city.


                   VEHICLE  AND  BODY  COMPARISON

 The most advanced vehicles have no immune system and the most of people take their vehicle for service every at least 10,000 miles for chaning air filter, oil filter and motor oil. Every 60,000 for changing timing belt (if applies), changing transmission fluid, changing brake pads, changing brake fluid and changing power steering fluid. Every 100,000 miles for changing water pump, changing wheel bearings and many other parts. Every 150,000 a lot more parts. Basically, they take it to service and repair at least once a year.

     This is how we decently use a vehicle. But the manufacture said, "the Automatic Transmission fluid doesn't need to be changed. It's permanent. The motor oil must be changed every 50,000 miles."

Which way are you going to go? Going by what manufacturers say?

or what your logic and studies say?

The difference between these two ways are identical with the example above (driving to a different city alone at night time.). Let me clarify it. If you go with what manufacturers say, your vehicle will be worthless by the time the factory warranty is over and you need to dump it in an auction with a very low price, because it got massive oil leak and many other sever problems. If it gets problems during the warranty, they first charge you $150 for diagnosing. After diagnosing, they find out that it cost about $1000 parts and labor for repairing it. They come up with this: "Nothing serious. MAF sensor is too sensitive and caused the "CHECK ENGINE" come up. We are going to reset the computer and the indicator turns off." You accept and gladly pay the diagnosing fee. A week after the light comes back on. You complain about the service and they keep saying that nothing is wrong. They ask for diagnosing fee again. This time they give an appointment few week later to reach the end of the warranty as much as they can. They try to make you tired and you give up like many others. They know that suing them is difficult. Beside, who is going to sue for $1000? About 1 out of 20 cases insists and argues to get what they deserve. The rest mostly give up. Imagine, millions of dollars they steal across the globe in each make and model. The extended warranty is exactly same way. They plan to sell you more parts, more unnecessary service many extended cheap warranty and more vehicles as much as they can by variety of ungodly politics. This is like the person who had no tool, no auto mechanic knowledge and no logic. Why no logic. Because, he could at least take his car for a full service and inspection before taking a long trip during night time. This way the chance of breaking down would get reduced by %80. 

If you go by logic and study, you put yourself in your vehicle's position. You see yourself inside of fuel system, inside of cooling system, in combustion compartment, in crankcase, in power steering system flow, wiring circuits, behind the tail pipe and all over it. How? by imagination and basically picturing it. Then logic tells you for example: Let's change the oil every 5000 miles instead of 50,000 miles. I inspect the motor oil visually. If it's obvious by smell, by color and feeling it, you come to this conclusion that what you did, was correct. If the motor oil still is clean, you just don't change it. What damage have you done? Nothing. You just spent few minutes. If you have doubt about the motor oil formula, just change it with factory recommended motor oil in order to secure the system. This way, Not only you haven't done any damage, but also what you still did, is good for your engine.

Same as many other systems in your vehicle, If you decide wisely, you don't need to purchase expensive extended warranty. You will have much less hassle and arguements with dealerships. Your vehicle last much longer which makes you save thousands of dollars more. I've seen a 20 years old car, looks and runs like new. I also have seen a 5 years old car which not only runs and looks horrible, but also stinks. Why? Different owners, different point of views, different decisions, different ways and finally different life style. 

When it goes to our own body, not only we don't do any maintenance, but also instead of using the body, we abuse it. Do you like your car more than yourself? I've seen many people like their car more than themselves by servicing their car religiously with best oil and original parts, but they drink commercial soda, they eat Commercial cheap fast food, They smoke, they drink alcohol, they keep their cellular phone beside them all the time, they eat GMO ingredients, they eat hormoned and antibiotics meat and dairy, they eat artificial preservative, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweetener and all other harmful things for body.

You may ask, "Well, as you said, the body has immune system and cleansing system. Why should I maintain it twice a year like my vehicle?"

Good question. It seems like you are understanding and following where I'm going. The creator of environment, all animals including us, didn't think: Humans which are the most intelligent creatures, are that stupid to feed themselves the worse food anybody could imagine. Therefor, it didn't creat us the way to detox all of these toxic material which are manmade. Think about it!. our body were funtioning perfectly over just 50 years ago which counts a very short time i human history. Why? 

Because there was NO:

DDT, Growth hormone, Antibiotic dairy, GMO, Contaminated water, Polluted air (CO, HC, NO2 and etc), Mercury, Eating psychologically sick animal (by industrial farming torture), artificial colors, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial sweetener, highly processed commercial food (Fried, deep fried, burnt, roasted, Wi-fi electromagnetic radiation 24/7, %80 less physical activity, %80 drinking more alcohol by ratio, Drinking commercial sodas instead of spring water and many more elements.

As I mentioned before, 1 reason most likely doesn't cause sickness. Many reasons cause. Even when it goes to mental disorder/diseases.


"if the best psychiatrist and best psychologist regardless of patient's nutrition and regardless of patients living condition and many other elements, prescribes a drug or make any dicision, it's wrong."

           What's going to happen? It's like driving to a different city with a vehicle which not only hasn't been maintained, but also has been abused for a long time. What is the chance that this vehicle is going to break down in the middle of the night and in middle of nowhere?

The chance is very high, whether you like it or not. This is the reality. Would you claim for your extended warranty in that town in the middle of nowhere? If yes,you had to pay from your pocket at the moment. They might pay you later, might not. You may reply,

"Well, I have health Insurance. They can take care of me anywhere and anytime. Therefore, I can smoke as many as I want and drink alcohol as much as I want and live however I want. I'm gonna die anyway. Why should I let this body get burried healthy?"

The God created you free and however you like to live, but it's up to you that how much you care about quality of life or not. As much as choosing a vehicle/transportation to ride shows how intelligent or how surface minded a person is, it shows same thing about choosing life style. Quality of life style isn't about having a lot of money or having little money. Which of these vehicles you prefer? a 5 years old abused fancy highend Mercedes with many problems or a 20 years old well maintained clean Toyota Prius?

Do you choose a beautiful young careless person to have a long distance trip with or an older person who is mature, caring, honest, knowledgable and responsilbe?

You may say, "How about having a new fancy car?" I'm talking about majority of people who can pay cash with their budget. 

Back to the Health Insurance subject, All those who died with poor quality life and they worked even during the cancer with chemo treatment, had Health Insurance too.

All those who still had car payment, house payment and furniture payment while they were dying, had health insurance too. Again, this is the way that person drove through the night with an abused vehicle with extended warranty. Yes, It's sad. It's my humanity duty to inform you all.

      Now, imagine that you refused having health insurance, but you studied and learnt how to maintain, how to detox your body and mind on regular basis!  

This is the best part: You have also learnt how to help your body and mind to heal itself. This is the great news after all the roller coaster rides.

Here are the good news:

1) Vehicles have no immune system, but they still last long and give great service with taking care of them intelligently. Imagine how much more you get, if you take care of your body and mind!  A lot more. Because your body has immune system. 

2) You body has self healing system. Example: when you cut your finger or any part of your skin. Without drug, your skin heals itself. If this wasn't true, you would bleed to death. Again, about %80 of your skin is alive (depends on which part of body). 

3) You have the most complex brain between all of the creatures which helps you process and analyze much better, toward improving your mental and physical health, if you use it correctly. 

You got the bad news and the good news. Afterall, I prepared your mind to understand the Whole picture about Corona virus disease. Did I?

Here we have six type of people when it goes to Corona matter:

1) Those who don't have Corona virus and aren't afraid of it in some reason and don't wear mask. They also look super healthy and happy. 

2) Those who don't have Corona virus and aren't afraid of it in some reason and don't wear mask, but they look and sound sick by coughing, runnig nose and poor appearance.

3) Those who don't have Corona virus, but they wear mask without phobia, fear and anger.

4) Those who don't have Corona, but they wear mask with fear and anger.

5) Those who have Corona virus and they survive from it.

6) Those who have Corona virus and they die from it regardless of wearing mask or not.


What is the different between all these 6 groups?

The answer is in that imagination of two type of drivers in the dark. One of them drives wise and intelligently, another one drives by wild guess, carelessly and unconsciously. Now you know why I brought that up. 

Now, When you don't have no knowledge about physiology of your body, about Nutrition science, about philosophy and about many other related elements to your mental and physical health, you are like the one who drives in the dark with an abused vehicle in this industrial corporated system. If you decide to go by what your dealership recommend and going by extended warranty, no need to read the rest of this blog. I wish you luck. If you decide to choose to be the intelligent and knowledgable driver, please continue reading this. 

Here are the question:

Is the FDA God or is manmade?

Is the president God?

Is the academic system always right?

Is the latest technology knowlege flawless? 

Is the academic system corrupted by corporation in order to sell more and make extra billions of dollars? 

Don't be surprised by these questions! Many things which seemed impossible, came true. You have seen it in history many times in many different aspects. Either in a good way or in a bad way. All of the above elements have one thing in common. All are manmade. What that mean? It means that human makes mistakes. Therefore, there is a chance that it can be wrong by %50. Have you ever considered that?

Don't answer quickly! Think first! Review your action in past and present!

Whether you considered it or not, allow me asking this question too!

How many times you accept an announcement from presidential candidate, from a president, from a religious leader, from FDA, from a financially successful and rich person, from a priest, from a high school teacher, from a professor and from a religious book (Bible, Quran, Torah and etc) without analyzing?

Most of the times?

Some times?



Do you avoid them all?

Do you listen to only the important one, then you study and research and then you draw a flow chart?


Answer: According to my research, mojarity of people unfortunately accept it in raw form (Copy/Paste).

The God created you with this biggest size brain between creatures for using it, not copying and pasting, not by being a spong kind which absorbs any type of fluid, regardless of being poison or fresh organic tropical juice. You need to use your brain to recognize which one is poison to avoid and which one is organic tropital fresh squeezed juice to absorb. Other wise, there is a high chance to get poisoned, just like the high chance with the driver with abused vehicle in the car. Imagine that a professor says, "veganism is good. Eating meat is good." If you don't process, If you don't study the system, you'll eat whatever is vegetarian including marijuana or many other kind of herbal medicine. Guess what! you may kill yourself by over dosing. You may even take a poisionous plant and kill yourslef instantly. Only %20 of plant are eatable. The rest are either strong poison or weak poision or a drug with side effects. This makes that top notch academic professor wrong. History proved that many professors were wrong many times. How many drugs have removed from shelves because of lethal side effects? How many recalls the car factories have had? How many times religious leaders took many nations to an unnecessary wars?

Answer: many times. 

What do you lose, if you study the system first, then analyzing it, then you decide??

EVERY UNKNOWN THING IS SCARY. Like swiming in a unknown water. I prefer to skip a day swimming, doing my study, then I either swim or not a day after. 


How many times have you frequently heard about WEARING MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCING, DISINFECTING and STAYING AT HOME? Many times.

Have you ever heard, "SMOKING CIGARETT WEAKENS IMMUNE SYSTEM. DO  NOT  SMOKE for everybody's sake. IT'S MANDATORY."? 


Have you ever heard, "Drinking alcohol and highly processed commercial drinks are harmful for your immune system. Avoid those!"? 

Have  you ever heard, "All dairy products with growth hormone, GMO fed and antibiotic injected are harmful for your immune system."?

My answer: I checked all international main stream media. Unfortunately, I haven't heard even once any of these important matters from any of them. 

Long story short, the best organization, the best person and the most honest groups who can help you, ARE YOUR ORGANS which are much more intelligent and much more capable than the best group of Medical scientist in the whole world. Your organs can save you much faster and much more effective than the best hospital in the world, if you appologize them by action for all the harassments which you did to yourself, to others and to the nature.

       In all of disease cases which I faced to, we the human were the root of problem. Therefore, according to Medical Academic system and fighting with diseases directly, I must fight with myself. In the other word, I must kill myself which obviously is wrong. 


- Weakened immune system: 

       Weakenning immune system relates to many different internal elements like: Digestion system, legs bones condition, chemical condition of fluids in our body and other detail which we cover it in classes.

       When the immune system gets weak by many elements, the system either can't recognize the virus or it can, but it isn't strong enough to win the fight. Therefore, the virus can reproduce fast.

In some cases, it is strong, but it isn't intelligent enough to use right weapon in the right place and right time. Therefore it cannot fight intelligently. Therefore, again, viruses mass produce and the death happens. 

      In Corona virus death cases, The body can recognize, but in the most of death cases, the immune system were not strong and intelligent enough to win the fight. 

      The most of naturopatch healers and Medical doctors make same mistake which is fighting with virus directly with drugs and/or herbal medicines. They also run away from virus at the same time. Just like throwing a punch with closed eyes and running away. That is very funny and unprofessional.



      When you fight with Corona virus directly by chemical drug, by vaccine and by herbal midicine, you are insulting your immune system by your action. It's like your adult son wants to cook for himself and whole family, but you as a mom, don't allow. Guess what! he can't never be independant. It's like You take Kung fu classes for years, but you avoid sparring in classes. You can bring excuses as many as you want for avoiding sparring, but the truth is: When somebody physically humiliate and harrass you in a dark alley, they most likely beat you to death. They had experience in street fighting, but you have had no experience. 

     When the doctors and many healers bypass the immune system, I am not surprised seeing high death ratio in a simple infection disease like Corona virus.  How about you don't use your strong legs for only 1 month. Just tie them together and use wheel chair all day long. After 1 month, untie them. You'll see that you barely can stand. forget about running or walking fast. Imagine this that you don't allow your immune system practicing by using antibiotics, vaccines, sanitizers, social distances, poor nutrition, poor air quality, poor breathing technic, wearing mask, poor point of views, little physical activity and many other elements! 




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