Body and mental cleansing are the blossom of my studies, researches and experiences which is the last chapter of my book. Many patients (Elmira, Majid, Gary and ..) finished cleansing with me and the results became just excellent. i’m very happy about it. One of them said, “it’s like shooting one arrow and getting 20 targets.”. I also felt it when I did it on my own body and mind.

All of our organs individually have different tasks. For example: Heart pumps your blood throughout your body to exchange O2 with CO2 and exchanging food with recognized toxic materials. If this pump stops, it means sudden death. What do you think your heart needs in order to keep pumping efficiently? Is that cigaret, marijuana, greasy fried food, alcohol, margarine, hydrogenated oil, corn syrup, citric acid or/and GMO food?

Those who are alone in hospital with variety of diseases are people like us. Other organs (skin, hair, eyes, sexual organs, nerving system, digestion system, glands and many other organs depends on what we pour into our body, what we breath and how we set our mind. These are facts as well. I can prove it in seminar to everybody. Digestion system isn’t a grocery plastic bag, your lungs aren’t  gallon containers with life time warranty and your mind isn't a flash memory to load/erase contents into/from it instantly. When it goes to vehicles, i say, “use it, don’t abuse it.” That works also for body. When you buy a new car, your expectation is 5 years or 60,000 miles without any problem. If a problem occurs before that, you get disappointed and frustrated which can be your fault or factory fault. either way, it’s unpleasant to be stranded in middle of a road. imagine this happens to your heart , kidneys, stomach and other organs in middle of a road. If the car gets into a car accident and falls apart, is a different story. Just like a person dies in a car accident, street fight or in war. But most of people live in a ordinary way and die by diseases, not in war or car accidents. Even %80 of car accidents are related to nutrition (drinking alcohol and driving, taking drugs). many of us think that our cells don’t understand or recognize the quality and type of foods which we pour to our systems. Many of us think that we can fool or manipulate them with GMO food, artificial flavors, artificial colors and etc. But Since they are extremely intelligent, this cause a back fire to those who think our cells are stupid. We may fool a system in a computer or in a machine, but we can't fool our body and mind. They just tolerate for awhile. Therefore many symptoms, diseases and pains occur. Many people are brain washed without even they notice it. When I talk about prevention by cleansing or eating correctly, first they look at me like “what the heck are you talking about?” then they reply with smile, “Everybody are eating these, why should I stop?”. Or, “My doctor didn’t tell me about any of these. IF these were correct, my doctor or media would inform me.” They don’t want to see the other side of the coin. Because their minds are blocked/washed unconsciously. The media became their God. They don’t investigate or question any doctors. if doctors make medical mistake, people easily accept their explanations . Have you ever heard from a medical doctor, “what do you normally eat during the days?”, when you visit them for an illness? It's hard to blame those people who don't ask or analize serious life and death matters. Because when a person's body is fighting with a weak infection for a long time, when this body gets barely fed by a constipated digestion system, the whole body can't function properly. obviously the brain is another part of this system. Unfortunately, a very high percentage of people are suffering from organs starvation. This definitely effects their decision making and their brain processing and many many other function disorders.

 I’ve never told or will tell to anybody to become a vegetarian or vegan. But I ask people to finish the program which I give them. After they finish it, they can go back to their normal life with some new useful education and experience. All of those who finish their program, not only eat much better than before, but also their illness and weaknesses are disappeared. Beside, they look better, communicate better and they become more positive and hopeful in many ways. They are free to make their own decision to be vegetarian or not. I had an alcoholic patient who reduced the alcohol to %80 after the program. I monitored him for few months and remained same.  If they decide to become vegetarian, at least they know how. If they don’t become vegan, at least they eat less meat and they learnt how to make tasty nutricious meal. When they eat meat, they eat the organic one and they know how to prepare/handle it. Therefore, they got many education after they leave my office. In my experience, the most of my patients, either stop wrong foods or they reduce it by %80. Because I make all new food, drinks and pastries each time we have session in front of them. Each session is at least an hour long which comes with meal, exercise, yoga and new lesson. After each session you’ll learn more about your body, nutrition, nutritional healing, anatomy of your body and how to improve nerving system to calm your mind down and to be more stable along higher mental endurance to talerate tough challenges in life.
Some people financially are rich, but mentally poor. some are financially poor, but mentally rich. Which one do you want to be? Nothing is wrong with a rich person as long as it’s goal is not against humanity, environment and other people economic situation. Other than that, greed gets under the rich person’s skin. Greed and jealousy doesn’t warn you when you get it. just like cancer. With these type of point of views (greed and jealousy), the carriage doesn’t make it to a bright destination. If your goal becomes a nice car, nice house, jewelry and overall competing financially, That’s the time to look at yourself in a mirror and ask yourself, “is this woman/man, my real love?”, “Am I happy with my beautiful house?”, “Who really am I without these?”. For example: Bill Gate, the Microsoft developer, served the world by his software. He was one of the main elements who helped people around the world to communicate and share their informations in order to solve many problems so far. If he invested or will invest in an anti humanity and environment, he got/will get himself in a deep trouble. Because, things get destroyed easily, but hard to rebuilt (if God/universe gives enough time.). This isn't a theory. It happened many times to many rich people. One of them even wrote a book which is his confession. A few years before his death, he was suffering from sadness and lonliness. The world and people need respecting, caring and love. Here’s a proof. A family can live in jungle or on a beach happily without paying rent, electricity, water and internet. They can grow their own food and eat. There will be no traffic, no stress, no pollution and no war. Europe removed their borders and proved that people can get along without war. They even support each other in this tough economy. If any bad thing happen to Europe Union, I can prove to world that it caused by major corporations and capitalism. International cities proved that people from different nationalities, different religions and different race peacefully are getting along without war.  people don’t need few rich people who are trying to own the world. To achieve their goal, they are working on making people needy, greedy and separated. We support them if we buy their products.  The only rich thing people need, is the clean earth.  Earth is what feeds you and gives you variety of fun and pleasure. I’m talking about real pleasure, not video game. Even video game, wouldn’t happen without the food which comes from this earth. These are facts. If you want more explanation, please email me.

If you set your mind and life, base on what facts are, you will be happy and successful. Don’t rely on what you like and what you like to hear. Some words which come out of some famous people mouth, don’t believe in it in first place. Do it. If it works, is a fact. If it doesn’t, it’s worthless. If it’s a political or economic news or political/economic promises, Investigate and research, hear opposite side as well, analyze it and then make decision. Just like a court. in a fare court, they don’t hear only one side and issue a punishment. They must hear both sides in every situation. If you built your life based on facts, you won’t get lost in your life. Here’s another important message: Loving people, environment with their animals and creatures across the world, is intelligent. Hating, carelessness and whatever branches come out of these evil foundation, is nonsense. Because it’s like a handleless blade which cuts both sides. At this time, we, the people around the world, need each other solitary and union. Other wise, those who are selfish, will manipulate people by evil energy and then they destroy the people individually. If you want to gamble your time, freedom is your right, but we all got one way ticket. My logic says, “We don’t lose, If we live upon facts and love, no matter there is another life out there or not.”
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