Nutritional Healing

Nutritional Healing

Many people think Nutritional healing is recommending certain herb and supplements. Unlike what many people think, ...

Mental Cleansing

Body & Mental Cleansing

It's a fact that body and mind chemically and emotionally relate and effect each other. One of them hurts, the others won't remain in peace. ...

Social Economy

Social Economy

Social economy starts from individual which means: I need to imrove my economic situation in much more intelligent way. When you make a symbol out of yourself, your children and your surrounding people follow your foot step much better. One of them is  ...

 Cancer Nutritional Healing

ELEMENTS Nutritional Healing

According to my research, Most of people don’t know how nutritional healing, natural body cleaning and natural mind cleansing work. Unlike what many people think,  we do not rely on water therapy, fasting, herbal medicine, acupuncure method and energy therapy. Our programs are hunger and thirst free.
      Yoga classes, fun exercises, Nutrition science, Physiology and other elements are parts of it.
      Most of people go to doctor without paying attention to “what did they eat wrong?”, “How to boost their immune system?”, “How about cutting off junk food for few weeks and noticing how they feel?”, “How about a short cleansing after drinking alcoholic beverages, processed food with artificial color, artificial flavor, hydrogenated oil (palm oil, margarine and etc), carrageenan, growth hormone, antibiotics, citric acid, corn syrup, rice syrup (artificial sweetener), GMO (Genetically Manipulated Organism) ingredients and etc?”
You may ask, “I didn’t order most of these items with my meals and drinks. So, how can I know?”
"Is all the medical advices which I hear from Medical doctors, professors and main stream media are correct, or is just beneficial to pharmaceutical companies and food companies?"
"Shall I trust the governments and academic system, or they just like people can get greedy and sell their soul for bribery money?" 

       Most of people either don’t check the detail of their packed/processed food, or if they check, they check only “Nutritional Chart” section which is about how much sugar, fat, vitamin, protein and mineral it has. That does not tell what is in that product. Reading and understanding "Ingredients" section of a processed product is very important when it goes to our method.  Why? 
Because you need to ask yourself, "Has the FDA made mistake/s before?"
Answer: Yes, many times.
Because you need to ask yourself, "Were those mistakes based on lack of knowledge or intentional mistakes for bribery money?"
Other wise, you may unknowingly make a victim out of youselves. It's smart to be cautious when it goes to sever diseases prevention and healing. 
       Imagine you pick a good product which says in nutritional chart High cholestrol, low in calcium which does not sound good to buyers.
Another product has zero cholestrol, high in Calcium, high in Iron, high in protein and high in vitamins which sounds very impressive and good.
Which one do you pick?
Save your answer for yourself.
I've seen what %80 of people pick.
Disappoointing result: Yes, %80 of people choose the one with zero cholestrol and high in beneficial mineral, protein and vitamins.
You may ask, " Which one do you buy?"
before I answer, allow me to give some numbers. The most of creamy product with "zero cholestrol, high in mineral and vitamins" are enriched with chemical which one of them is Palm oil, margarine and hydrogenated oil which caused 10 times more heart attack and related disease than Pure organic butter which is high in LDL cholestrol (bad cholestrol). This is a fact. Proof: Go back 70 years and go to a village which is far away from processed food. All they had, were organic unprocessd or basically processed. An 80 years old man would eat butter, ghee and many items which doctors forbid, but his health was much better than a 40 years man who eats the zero cholestrol processed food. Why? One of the reason is, avoiding chemical preservative, avoiding aritificial harmful materials, Artificial subtitudes and etc.
I explain the detail and other reasons in our class. 
Only %1 of people check the "Ingredients" section. This is one of the reason I decided to accept patients and students to educate them how to prevent and heal minor and serious diseases.
       You may ask, "Why should I sign up in your program where is far away?" Because unfortunately, What I teach, the academic system doesn't teach in any universities across the earth. For example:
- The nutrition science they teach, is very different from my method. My method has a much better performance on patients. Other wise, I wouldn't study this method from the first place. Druging patients causes many unpleasant and harmful side effects which mostly are irrecoverable.
- We use natural elements, they use unnatural elements like: chemo, radiation, surgery, anti biotic, vaccine and etc.
- They gladly accept GMO ingredients and promote it, but we prove that why it is harmful for all mammals, insects, fishes, reptiles, birds and human. 
- They make the patients and students dependant to supplements and drugs, but we educate them to become independant.
- They consider the mental health seperate from physical health. But we consider them related to each other. 
- We first apologize the body and mind for all kinds of abusements and harasments which we did all these years by saying it the way we mean it out loud and by action. Then we assist the body and mind to heal themselves, but the academic system bypass the body healing capabiliy by fighting with diseases directly via anti biotic, drugs, surgery, radiation and etc.
- We teach patients and students how to shop and prepare their meals, snacks and drinks based on the type of nutrition science and other elements which match the reality. Based on what are friendly with organs and environment. Not what is comfortable and easier, not based of what we like to believe and not based on what a top notch Harward professor like to believe. 
- Boosting Individual and Social economy , teaching philosophy, environment and other elements are parts of our programs, regardless of your believes, religions, race and nationalities. The academic medical schools totally discarded these elements which are related to our mental and physical health.
- There are other elements which you'll find out when you take our program.
       Giving antibiotic to a patient who has viral infection by many hospitals around the globe, is one example. I monitored one of them who was 35 years old male. The Hospital staffs allowed him eating highly processed commercial cookies, candy and cake who has absolutely no activity and is in bed all day long in hospital. When I complained about his sugar level to his physician, she replied,  "I measure his sugar level now." She measured it. It was 350 which is almost twice as the actual safe range. I thought that I made my point to the her. I asked her, "Why do you allow him eating all these commercial poor quaity candies and cookies?" She replied, "There is nothing to worry. I regulate it with insuline." If you know about physiology of body, you got shocked by now. It means they gladly inject insuline to a non diabetic patient who came for his viral infection, not diabet. Yes, What the hell!!
In the other word, the patient is getting more diseases by being in hospital instead of getting cured. Why? 
Doesn't Academic system know about this simple procedure? We're not talking about cancer. Just a simple Flu. whether the system have the knowlege or not, hospitals make much more money by this method. Because they keep the patient much longer and they sell many unnecessary drugs to the patient who fully trusted this system. Did the patient become a helpless victim or not?
I didn't follow up with this patient to see what happened to him later on. But I checked his record. he was in I.C.U for about one week, Then under special care for another 3 weeks. Please calculate proximately how much he had to pay!
       Another case was a 6 years old girl who caught influenza which caused by a type of virus. Symptoms: running nose, high fever, sore musles, no head-ache, no caugh. I could help this patient to heal without any type of medication (not herbal and not chemical) and it would take maximum 7 days to heal. But her father chose a M.D (Medical Doctor). Her doctor put this kid under anti biotic for 2 months. Not only it didn't work, but also it turned into pneumonia which is a dangerous leathal lung disease. Then that kid ended up in surgery room for removing tonsils which also were infected. But that surgery didn't heal either. The infection was already in her lungs. I didn't follow up any longer. Because her father clearly refused my help. 
It is like you take your vehicle to a mechanic shop for "Loss of power" which mostly likely caused by dirty oil, dirty air filter, dirty fuel filter, worn spark plugs, too low tire air pressured, vaciuum leak, faulty sensor and etc. But the mechanic shop instead of giving a complete tune-up, replacing a faulty part and making it ready in same day and charging you about $300.00, they convince you for rebuilting or replacing the engine, keeping your vehicle for a month, charging you $4000 and expecting you thanking them from deep of your heart. 
Why their method didn't work even on a 9 years old girl who suppose to have a much stronger immune system than an adult?  
Because the reason of the disease had still remained in their bodies. Because their digestion system got weak and weaker which results weaker immune system. I'll explain more detail in our classes.
Here's the funny part. Should I who don't have doctorate degree teach a medical doctor a very basic fact which they learn in second or third year of medical school??? It's like I teach a master mechanic how to hold a tool when he/she replaces a battery. This is a very basic job in Auto mechanic world. 

The sad part: the poor patients became victims. How? Did t
hey pay to lose their good health permanently? By losing an organ plus having another disease/s? According to my research %90 of doctors prescribe antibiotic to viral diseases. When they basically can't/don't cure a basic viral disease, how can they treat a cancer and M.S patients? Is that just for selling drugs and laboratorial procedures for charging thousands of dollars?
Does the academic medicine system go after the reason of dieseases, or don't want to after the reasons?
Why the  academic medicine fight with all diseases?
Do they respect and let the immune system do its job?
Do they help the immune system or they supress it in order to sell more drugs? 
Here's another difference between us and it: Not only we don't fight with dieseases, but also we apologize and we try to get all types of cells trust by our action and by providing all necessary elements. 
Here's what we, the people including all M.Ds need to understand:
       In the most cases, the patient caused the disease by eating wrong food, by breathing wrong, by thinking wrong, by deciding and acting from wrong point of views and basically by wrong life style. This covers the majority of people in any financial situation, in any type of society.
In a first free session with a wealthy 60 years old male intestine cancer patient, I explained about my method and I mentioned that I must hospitalize him during the program, but he didn't want to avoid working during treatment. Money was more important than his life. As many of you know, even a patient who has influenza must avoid working untill is completely healed (regardless of the type of the job). When it goes to cancer, resting is very important and is one of my elements for healing. So he refused to take my program because he was not mentally ready. In the other word, he wanted to lift ten watermelons with 2 hands at the same time. People from every level need to accept:
1) They need to face the reality for their own sake by educating themselves in their path and accept their ignorance in subjects which they do not know. This way they learn more and  get ahead of themselves. A tree without fruit is very out standing because of no fruit. But a tree with load of nutritious fruit is hard to see in a jungle or in a garden. You need to look for a good fruit, but a cheap GMO fruit is almost everywhere. In general, finding a good gem stone or a good person is difficult and finding a rock or a bad person is easy. Because being bad is easy, and being good takes effort and courage. Just like a piece of gold which you need to search for days in creeks and lands till you find it.
      Now, if randomly, by accident a real golden object happened to be on your way, do you think it can be fake and without testing it, will you walk by?
Or you bend over, picking it up, buying a file and filing it to test?
If you don't bother testing it and just walking by it, please don't waste your time reading the rest of my website. Your mind is NOT open. I wish you luck. Many people think surfacely and think this way: "A free think is worthless."
If anybody is left, here's the rest.
2) They need to choose a method which really work, not a method which million times hit the deadend.  Not a method which the majority of people follow either. Not a method which brought you by a popularity. If you make the decision based on these items, please don't waste your time here.
Are you still here? welcome back!
       The physiology of BODY, mechanism of a vehicle (ENGINE) and an ELECTRONIC DEVICE are also my masters. They are very honest and frank. How? 
No matter what academic degree I have, no matter how highly I talk about myself, no matter how famous I am, no matter how many nobel prizes I got, no matter where I come from, no matter how handsome I am,  if I can't diagnose and repair/cure a problem/disease in a vehicle, in an electronic instrument, in a body, It (the electronic instrument, the vehicle or a human body) does not function. this is the lesson right here if I am honest with myself. These dead vehicle, broken electronic instrument and sick body without saying one word gave a very important priceless lesson. They say: "YOU  ARE  WRONG.  YOU  DO  NOT  HAVE  ENOUGH  KNOWLEDGE about my mechanism. STOP  NOW!!!"
If I am smart enough, I need to accept my ignorance or lack of knowlege at the moment, then I need to study and research more. But If I am stubborn and lazy minded, I fight with the problem and most likely I make more damage. Not only I didn't solve the problem, but also I made the situation much worse. Afterall, in order to cover the damages which I made, I justify, I make excuses and I blame other things or other people. 
Which one do you want to be??
The first or the second one??
If you decide to be the second one, don't waste your time reading this. You may come back later on. I wish you luck.
Is still anybody out there?
       The sicknesses are frank and honest with physicians. The physicians need to communicate with body, listening to body and fully respect the body. Because The anatome of body is your best professor. Get lessons from it and learn, please! Unless the physician in charge is a knucklehead and sees the patient as a lab rat and continues fighting with the disease. In the other word, he's throwing a rock in the dark.
Some doctors are maniac. If there was no distriction, they would jump on patient's chest on a right moment and throw kicks, punches, elbows and forehead to the patient's nose, neck, growing area and stomach. the female one may bite, pulling hair and spit to poor helpless victims. They also may threaten them to not say a word about it to anybody. Other wise we bring professionals and we add it to your bill.  Just to be in a safe mode, if you decide to go to hospital, make sure that you take a very close friend or a close family member. Other wise God may be with you, may not. That was just a joke to break the ice.
In Elements Natural Healing, we use other elements too. Nutritional healing is one of them. I decided to put the rest in a blog. Looking forward seeing you there. 
These items are what I expect from my patients: 
1) No working during the program. (If it's too much to ask, good bye)
anybody is left?
2) I don't allow you combine my treatment with any other method.
3) I don't allow to read other physicians opinion in my class. In fact, durting the class you just listen and take notes. If we get any extra time, I may offer answering your question, I may not. Those who have patience, get their answer automatically during the program from me or from their organs.
4) in this program is no privacy. I enter to your room at anytime I decide. I also check all of your belonging in your suitcase before we start the program. If you resist or argue, I reject you from the program and your money will not be refunded.
5) whatever I serve you, you don't complain and you eat it all. I eat same exact food. you have an option to pick whichever plate you want. After you finish the meal, you say thank you like you really mean it. This is not for me. This is for your body and your mind's sake. If your blood pressure increased by now, please don't take it personal. You'll understand at the end of program. 
6) I really don't care whoever (V.I.P) invited you during the program. Even if it's Brad Pitt or Ms. Julie's party, you're not going. You just send a short text for not going, then you switch your phone to a "Airoplane" mode. I even may keep your phone till the end of program. 
7) You're not allowed to leave the building even for a second without my permission. Unless my 6th sense trust you.  
If anybody is left, HERE'S  THE  FUN  PART, 
8) Every morning we have yoga. Every other day (2-3 times/week) swimming class. We teach you professional Crawl (Free style) or Breast stroke. You can choose either one. Those who worry about water or scared of water, you don't need to worry. We teach you in a shallow water which is not deep at all. whenever you learn how to swim 50 meter without stopping, We suggest you in a deep water where we swim along with you for a saftety reason. Fear during the program is absolutely unhealthy and we don't allow anything scares you. We put our %100 toward your health in every possible aspects. 
9) There's a afternoon class which is "Point of views" class. Partially you just listen and take not and partially is a workshop which is like a theater class. the most of students/patients loved it so far. 
10) Pick nick is definately a part of it. 
11) Some documentary movie is the part of it.
12) If you offer any game which we approve, it's ok. 
13) Dancing, painting, listening to music (as long as it's not harmful for your ears and mind are okay with us. In fact, we may join to. It depends on our time. 
14) You'll have nutrition science class everyday. 
15) you also have human physiology class related to your disease everyday. 
16) I feed you as much as you like, 3 times per day plus snacks and drinks. There's no hunger or thirst in our programs for sure. 
17) You're welcome to sleep as much as you like. But I send you to bed around 9:00pm and monitor you. How? Making sure that you don't munch under the blanket, you don't surf internet under blanket or in the dark. Just giving you some clue. If you don't have your deep heavy 8 hours asleep per night, no worry, I know how to feed and treat you in order to have a deep 8 hours asleep.
18) If you think about arguing with us, beating us or anything like that, allow us to inform you that most of our patients were younger men who were heavier and taller than any of us. They didn't try to challenge us. Even when I verbally enforced them to do the physical home work or verbal home work which I gave them, they did it competely. If they would attack any of us, regardless of who ends in emergency room (them or us), they lose, not us? Why? They need us overall, we do not need them. Wise patients or students are those who respect their master. This way they get much better results. 
 I am proud of all of my patients, because they put all of their effort, respecting the classes and the staffs for their own sake. Aftreall, because they all finished the program successfully. Some of them may disliked me in the program, But they deeply thanked me after the program. 
      I asked one of them, "If somebody has a power to reverse the time asks you, will you exchange this 10 carrot VSI1 diamond with no possiblbity of taking this program at all and you never will, which one of them do you choose?" He replied without even 1 second pause, "Of course this program. Because No physicians could heal me. What could I do with all those money when I was in pain? I personally prefer to have little money and quality of life instead of having billions of dollars with pain."
While he was looking at my eyes seriously. That's was the moment which paid back all of my effort and hard work, NOT  HIS  MONEY. I can make more money with my other job which is no point mentioning it now. 
He allowed me to share his name and video. Mr. Claudio Ciaffoni is his name, who was suffering from very sever Migraine for years and tried many specialist doctors in Wiesbaden (near Frankfurt), but not only didn't get better, but also got worse. It took him and I only 1 month to cure it permanently. His interview video is in Testimonial/Review column. The interview is 8 months after finishing his program. This proves to other new patients that our method is not temporary fix. I devided his program to 2 portions. Each one was 14 days.  
If you have any question, please feel free to email or call me. Since you finish this page, I really respect and admire you all. I ask you to do a favor to your society and pass this website address around. This way many cancer patients will have this option as well before jumping into surgery, chemo and radiation. This is a humanity duty. This is very important. Why? I've seen many very good people lost their life from cancer. A few of my friends were in this catagory. But unfortunately, I didn't have this knowlege to help them back then.
       It's important to inform the people around the world about this method, because if they take chemo, radiation and surgery, I cannot help them anymore. Because I use the body and mind healing itself. That all. as simple as it is. If the body and mind get damaged by those procedurs, what will be left to heal itself?
WHY  THE  INGREDIENTS  MATTER  TO  YOUR  CELLS? "Nutritional Chart" has confused many ill people and many dead people. Because it rised many similar question like:
"I've been eating healthy for long time, then why did I get cancer?"
"I've been vegan for a long time. Why I got Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?"
"My herbal doctor told me broccoli and all of these items cure the cancer, but it didn't work?"
And many other questions. All of these questions come from surface minded people.
What do you do when you like/love to learn guitar which is less complicated than healing severe illnesses?
1) Finding the best possible guitar teacher, signing up, buying a quality guitar and devot your quality time for participating in classes on time, practicing, learning and radiating joy to surrounding people.
2) Buying a guitar and trying to learn from "Youtube".
If you are the 2nd option kind of a person, please don't waste your time here. But if you are the 1st option kind of person, you are in a right place, because you know that quality job takes time, effort, motivation and patience. 

Only very small percentage of people check the “Ingredients” section Which I admire their first step out of hundred steps. You may reply, “Well, my body automatically cleanse and detox these chemical. Why should I put any effort and skip my favorite food and drinks?”.
You may reply, "What's the FDA for? They inspect all type of food, ingredients, drinks, snacks and drugs. They are expert and no need to be picky about it?"
       First of all, We introduce you to new delicious variety of healthy, tasty and inexpensive organic food.
Second of all, unfortunately, our body hasn’t been designed to cleanse the chemicals, specially with all these GMO ingredients. Have you ever asked a chef in a fansy highend restaurant these questions:
"Have you used any GMO ingredients in my meal?",
"Did you use hydrogenated oil (Palm oil, Margarine and vegy butter) in my meal?"
"What type of sweetener did you use in this dessert?"
"Did you warm my soup in Micro wave?"
"Did you fry my meal?"
"How about hormonized and antibiotic treated meat and dairy?"
"How about artificial flavored and artificial color in my ice cream?"

       The list goes on and on. You may reply, "We had all these items all these years and we didn't have any problems." Many of those who died or are dying said same or similar things before they got sick. That’s why the rate of cancer, MS, Alzheimer, Ulcer, Migraine, Thyroid disorder and many other diseases got higher.
       You may reply, "I was eating many wrong items in my drinks, snacks and meals, but I stopped it and I feel better now. Therefore, I don't need your help." you are only one or few step/s ahead of the first group. But many steps you still need to take to imrove your health and your life style. Feeling better is far behind feeling great, looking great and thinking clearly. The difference is, your body and mind haven't got fully ditoxed yet. you just stopped taking toxic chemicals, But pesticides, heavy metals, candidas and etc are still in your body. That "Feeling better" is equal to switching your body from Warning zone to Surviving zone. Your body still is fragile against diseases, unless you allow us to cleanse your body deeply, to educate you fundamentally, to make you fully independant in delicious food, health and healing world. One out of 10 people can open their mind and finish the programs. Mr. Ciaffoni and Mr. Miller are two good examples of who finished my programs and got all the great benefits. They both came to get healed for one disease, but their many other illness also got healed. Taking this method is like firing once, but hitting many targets.
 Let's ignore the Age and the length of life. How about Life style and Quality of life? If you care about quality of life, the lengh of it will be longer too, if the external factors don't interfere.
Have you noticed your body and mind performance lately?
How long can you run without stopping?
How is your sex drive?
Any joint's problem?
Can you do any correct Army Push-up? (if yes, how many?)
How many correct complete Pull-up?
Can you swim? (if yes, how far and how long without stopping and )?
How does your digestion system work?
How does your respiratory system work? (any unsolved caughing?)
Is your belly over sized? (Is that from Extra fat, digestion problem or both?)
Are your eyes as besutiful and as meaningful as before? (darker and/or drowned eyelid?)
Do you get Acnes or pimples?
Does your skin smell bad? How about bad breath? Odor from your love parter/spouse and non of you know the reason/s?
       The list goes on and on. All these items relate to physical health, mental health and basically life style and principles.
       Since 1960, more chemical start to get mixed with people's food. DDT is very harmful pesticide and is one of them. That was a point of rising disease rate. God/creator did an excellent job in creating us. But it isn’t responsible for these manmade chemicals, pesticides and GMO which comes from a few greedy investors to make more money. Beside, God gave us a very complex brain and intelligence to process and analyze whatever we eat, drink, breath and do. The rest is up to human to decide and protect themselves. Patients can’t blame God for everything, but all is about "WHAT  IS  THE  REALITY,  NOT  WHAT  I  LIKE  TO  THINK." When there are few natural requirements for healing. That is the reality. The rest is up to you. You can choose any method you like.
According to your disease, disorder or weakness, we design the length of treatment, type of treatment and all other details. We charge you before starting the healing process. The tuition isn't refundable. You'll read these detail in our agreement contract and if you agree, you sign. Then we can start our job. The shortest one is two weeks Which I named it "1st program". If you just want to get healed, lose your extra weight only, correct your posture and similar thing and not wanting to learn physiology of your body, to prevent illnesses and to be independant in many aspects, this program is enough for you. If you want to secure and extend the healing, to prevent many mental and physical illness and disorders along learing many other materials, you need to take the second program as well. After taking the second program, you will be a symbol for your surrounding people (spouse, child/ren, family, friends and coleagues). More people you send to learn this method, more support you get from us. More people upgrade their life style, better society we will have for living in. 1st program normally is about 14 days. For example: In case of Cancer, the 1st program is about 2 months. During this program, we feed you without any hunger, without any thirst, from morning to evening. 3 meals per day along snacks in between. We highly recommend you to spend this program with us (under one roof) in order to get all benefits. we have male and female masters to treat you in order to make you feel more comfortable and being more convenient. If you take this program from distance, you will make many unconscious mistakes and we can't see those. Therefore, you may waste your time and money. More time you give us during these programs, more material you learn and more health benefit you gain without extra charge. Our goal is making you all as independant as possible for having a better public health and better society. If you aren't open minded to take an step for your cells for first time ever, Don't expect quality service from your organs.
Please remember my highlighted sentence below:
If you try to manipulate them, you'll certainly lose.
       We don't fight with any diseases. Pain, fever, rash, caugh, burning sensation, dizziness and/or weakness. These symptomes are our friends and we count them as signals, as alarm, as signs, as tools and as indicators to diagnose and following up for curing the reasons of diseases. Therefore, we don't recommend to remove a sick organ, we avoid pain killer and we avoid drinking commercial drinks to get rid of dizziness and/or weakness. If we kill the pain by chemical or herbal medicine, we killed the alarm. Then instead of resting and taking few steps toward healing, the patient thinks that he's cured and continues his/her work and make the illness worse. If we give protein, vitamins and energy drinks to patients to having power and endurance, I enforced one or many sick organs to work harder. What do you  think will happen? Yes, the disease get more stubborn and takes longer and more expensive to heal. More days you remain sick, more days you cannot work and finally, more money you'll lose. 
       During our 1st program, eating your meals isn't optional. you must eat them. Just like being in hospital. Don't expect your favorit food and favorite spices  in first program, But in 2nd program, you'll be amazed from our menu. We prepare and teach all of your favorite food, dessert and drinks in healthy and more intelligent way which according to patients feedback, taste much better and feels better after eating/drinking it. In our 1st program, physical activities are optional. Yoga and swimming lessons which include the program are also optional. We also have theater classes and many other fun activities like pick nick, volley ball, ping pong (Table Tennis) and dancing. You're welcome to rest as long as you want. You're welcome to rest in the middle of yoga class and swimming class. All those who have extra weight, will lose about 7 kg within 1st 14 days with or without our designed physical activities. For each patient certain food and certain physicial activities we write and run. Those who doesn't have extra weight, will lose much less. No body need to worry about losing too much weight or worring about cosmetic part of it, because, these programs make your face and body more beautiful, stronger and more durable. Our programs also make your skin, your eye shape and your hair more beautiful. Few patients were kind enough and recorded videos only for those who have doubt. I'll show them in interview.
       Speaking of interview, Before you start the 1st program, we interview you to make sure that you are mentally ready to commit your time and money for your bodies and minds. We are only %50 of healing process. The rest is up to you. Without your open mind, your cooperation and your time, your cells won't cooperate. They cooperate as much as you cooperate. We are here to make these healing programs as easy and as fun as possilbe for you.  Imagine that we are your tour guide in a land where you haven't been before. If you want to enjoy the trip, you need to follow the instruction of your tour guide. Other wise, Not only you don't enjoy the trip, but also you may harm yourself by disobeying the tour guide. This is one of the facts which I have it in my book as a director and founder of " Elements Natural Healing". It's much easier and more fun than fasting which Muslim and Jewish people do. It's also much more effective. Fasting make sick people sicker, but I designed these programs for ill people and those who want to improve their life quality.
        When your spouse, your love partner, your friend, your boss, your teacher or a president ignores and/or abuses you, do you forgive him/her just with an apology??
How many times do you forgive a president for stealing from central bank?
Our glands, our respiratory system, our heart, our prostate, our overy, our breasts, our brain, our kidneys, our intestines and all other organs forgave us many times during our lives. How many more time will they forgive us??
If they don't, it means that they don't trust us anymore. Therefore, they start to stop giving service to us and working for themselves which is cancer. Now, if we deeply apologize by our action and treat them properly, they mostly likely give you one chance and the cancer gets reversed. 
But, if you and your physician fight with the most angry organ in your body, what will happen? my knowlege and experience says, "They are much more intelligent than the best specialist academic medical doctor team in the whole world. Whose side are you with? That is your decision? If you pick the academic medical system, it means you are also fighting with your whole body, not only with cancerous organ. Because they constantly communicate with each other via hormones, lymphatic fluid and blood and even nerving system. Now, who knows inside of your body better. inside of your body is their home. They know every single micro milimeter of it very well. God may be with you if you go to war with all of those united organs. We definitely are on opposite side, against of fighting with them. In fact, we help them. It (God) created you to choose whichever method you like: 
Option 1: Chemo along surgery and radiation. 
Option 2: Acupuncture.
Option 3: energy Therapy
Option 4: Herbal medicine
Option 5: The Elements (Nutritional healing, Yoga lesson, Swimming lesson, Philosophy, Dance lesson, pick nicking,  and etc.)
I highly recommend you to chosse the option 6. The logic says, "what are you going to lose? absolutely nothing. It has no side effect. You certainly get better, getting stronger, looking better and feeling better. The healing performance is much more effective with this method.
How much better? it's up to your cooperation. Since we hospitalize you, everything will be easier for you. 

      You may reply, "We have FDA in many countries. They check the ingredients and food quality for us. No need to read and learn this knowledge." The time has proved that FDA approved many harmful ingredients and drugs like; Palm oil, hydrogenated oil, artificial sweetener, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, Antibiotic and growth hormon in your dairy and meat products, GMO products and other unhealthy products and processes. In order to protect yourself and your family, you require these elements. Most of people have no clue about actual correct nutrition science. What they teach in University is very different with what we teach to our patient/students. Here's one example: They see the milk as a major souce of calcium and they highly recommend it to patients with infection and many other diseases which not only doesn't help the patients to heal, but  also make the illnessees grow stronger. 
       As I mentioned above, IN  OUR  SECOND  PROGRAM you will have more physical activities. Your meals will be much more delicious. We teach you making very delicious healthy meals and drinks in a short amount of time, with highest quality organic ingredients. We also teach you how to keept the cost down, even lower than before in many cases.  How? By spending less time, you save money. By using less heat, you save energy and money. About ingredients. I saved the receipts for each student/patient and showed them at the end of programs. Even though I kept the patients always full with organic meals and drinks, their cost for ingredients for each patient became 150 Euro/month. It works even with lowest income household. This is one of the ways this programs pays you back for whatever amount you pay us for programs. People pays thousands of dollars for surgery, chemo, drugs, energy therapy, acupuncture, check ups and etc. After all, their results had been either sad or poor. You also will learn to detox all of toxic thoughts which unconsciously got to your mind. like having unnecessary goals. Example: I've had a patient who financed expensive high maintanance sport vehicles to keep him happy to scape from his problems. Problems like disease, relationship problem, job stress and etc. They finance expensive fancy house to compete or show off based on unreliable job. Because of their debt, they had to accept to get pushed around by their boss. Therefore, their life quality drops. In the other word, they traped themselves in a glassy prison where can't hide or scape anytime soon. Unless they accept their mistake which is just the first step toward their freedom, Long story short, we use these elements to assist and educate patients to be happy and healthy from deep inside with minimum salary/income. If you're able to make more moeny, we will be even happier for you. Because you will have better opportunity to guid and help your surrounding people. 

 How about a better lifestyle...?

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