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..., herbal physician is a different method. Herbal physicians visit patients once or twice a week. Each visit is less than 30 miutes. They may give a diet instruction, may not, but certainly they prescribe herbal medication. Some of herbal medications just like chemical medication have side effects. They may offer body cleansing. But that is also with herbal medications. This method may work on minor illnesses, but it certainly doens't work on serious diseases like cancer and MS. 
Why? Please imagine a cup full of rotten milk shake and you would like to have a simple glass of pure water without any additives instead. do you pour water over this glass of milk shake? if you do, as you pour into the glass, milk shake runs over and makes a big mess. How much water you need to pour over to have a crystal clear pure water in the glass? we assume that you pour 10 gallons of water over it. After all, you glass does not have pure water. Because some fat along some bad bacteria or virus are stuck on the galss surfaces. the water in that glass doesn't taste same as pure water. In fact, the water stinks like rotten milk which is the sign of millions of bad bacteria. Therefore this method takes much longer and after all doesn't have a good result. In the other word, is far from the actual cure. 
Imagine the same cup as the above full of milk which has been used over and over with different food and has never been totally emptied or washed.
Here's a question: If this glass is half full or full with old milk or chicken soup and you're trying to pour or add the most effective herbal medications into it, will that be still same fluid/medication?
will that still as effective as the pure one?
will that cure the serious diseases?
When you drink it, stinks, taste bad and it may make you sick with virus and pathogenic bacterias. Therefore, you need to empty the glass and wash it very well, then you pour the water into it in order to drink pure water or whatever you like. I would like to remind you that more than %70 of our body is water. Why? for many reasons. one of them is to evacuate the toxic, another one is flowing troughout the body from brain to toes. Many specialist treat the mental diseases like the brain is separate organ from the body. Every type of mental dieseases require Nutritoinal Healing program and I can prove it. I continue this subject in a blog.
      Your body is like that glass. You can't add anything to a full glass. Even if it's a heavenly herbal drug. Even if the patient feels much better, after a few hours or few days the dieases will come back.
      When we're talking about Nutritional healing, the disease need to be diagnosed correctly. then the patients body needs to get completely cleansed in %100 natural organic ingredients. thereafter patients get fed based on their specific diseases. If some patients have extra weight, they will lose it all during the program without any hunger or thirst, if some patients are too thin, they gain weight by bone density and muscles, not by fat. therefore, not only the disease gets cure, but also they look better, they get stronger along more physical and mental endurances. This is a basic description about Nutritional healing. To learn about my method, please go back to home page and read "ELEMENTS Nutritional Healing". Thank you very much for your open mind and your time.


      ... Therefore, those who think drinking wrong fluids and eating wrong food don't effect the mind, they are absolutely wrong. Because researches and evidences proved that our brain and nerving system constantly get fed and detox by us. If we don't treat our organs right, they get toxiced by us. When we insert toxic food, drink, radiation and etc into our cells, it has consequences. the first symptom is body and mental laziness. Many people think our body and mind don't need cleansing. This might be correct over 60 years ago, when all ingredients were organic. But when poisonous pesticide like DDT took over farming, when hydrogenated oil (Palm oil, Margarine and etc) entered many kitchens for decades, since ranchers fed livestock with animal waste and GMO (Genetically Manipulated Organs) product, since food and drug companies came up with artificial color, artificial flavor, artificial thickening agent and many other poisonous material and processes, since we non stop get exposed by electro magnetic radiation by our wireless phone and wi-fi internet router, since antibiotic dairy and meat became normal in our daily food, our body and mind including our pets (if we have) need cleansing via Nutrition and other elements. I explain the other elements in different section. 
How shall we cleanse our body and mind? Not with herbal medicine, not with machinary equipment which has been designed to flush intestines from rectum, not with hard work-out to tear your muscle cells, and finally not with drugs. It has to be done with food and other elements.
      Our minds also need to get cleansed. Since TV came to public places and houses, we got toxic materials by advertisements, news, by some films which got sponsored by food, drink, fossil fuel, nuclear, weapon and pharmaceutical companies, by even fake documentary which misleaded many point of views. Correcting these point of views takes days along homeworks which I design for each patient in order to get rid of internal mental tension. Greed is one of mental diesease which need to get cured. jealousy is another one which as the patient gets older, this mental disorder turns into a disease. Rush judgement/false accusazion which is caused by lazy mind and body, is another one. During the program which I design for each patient separately, I start from foundation regardless of what I hear from patient. The experience showed and proved that correcting point of views which is the foundation, automatically heals all of these mental disorders. the patients spend at least one month full time with us. There are many classes they take along exams and feedbacks. whoever entered the our program, successfully got healed or at least %80 improvement. Many serious diseases don't get even %20 immprovement from chemo therapy, surgery and radiation. So, not only this method is much more inexpensive and quicker, but also is more effective and without any side effects. Beside, the disease doesn't get back. Stopping symptoms aren't healing. removing organs aren't healing. The creator created every organ for certain purpose. removing it effects other organs. Whichever you choose, I respect your decision. Every single of us have born free to choose our life style. So, the decision is yours. But do not let anybody directly or indirectly enforce to a decision. Like making you scared from death and etc. Death is part of our life. the length of it isn't as important as it's quality. Our life is valuable. How do we spend our time is important. If people get fooled by a person or an organization or a corporation, they have paid a very expensive price to make a victim out of ourselves. After all, they paid for gradual death.  
To get more clue about my method, please read "ELEMENTS Nutritional Healing" in home page.


     One patient asked, "Organic is too expensive. Do you eat organic yourself?" Another one asked, "This organic produces are just for charging people more and there's no difference between the organic and GMO." You may ask now, "Is that true?" Well, When you don't have education about a subject, or you have been miseducated by a bad teacher/professor/instructor, you will be like a fallen leaf which is blown to God knows where. Please allow me to give an example! Imagine that you have no clue about music note and Guitar! Somebody plays a song which makes you feel good. He/she offers you classes. You take the classes and you will be able to play same song. You get excited and you thank him/her. Now, another person appears in your life and claims that he/she is an excellent music teacher and offers you classes. If you are close minded, you refuse the new classes in whatever reasons. If you are open minded, you either a free class to check it out or at least ask him/her to demonstrate what he got to offer. If you find this new teacher better, you start to taking the new classes which means that you opened another window on another wall in your music world which makes you grow in it. The point is, No matter what is the subject, you need to get educated about it, then process that comment or news, not accepting it rawfully. Other wise, you will be a ball which bounces around and may fall in river, or being that fallen leaf.

One of my patients replied, "Organic is expensive. Do you eat organic yourself?" another one replied, "This organic produces are just for charging people more and that's cheating. You may ask now, "Is that true?"

Well, It depends where do you shop. When you are in our program, we teach you all details about smart shopping. Some stores have organic stickers, but when I test it, unfortunately it's not. I've experienced that with most super nation wide super markets. I teach all of students and patients how to inspect ingredients and produce in market and basically how to shop to avoid wasting money and eating toxic food. Some of organic items are oxidated which I call it weak poison. It doesn't kill instantly, but it will be one of the elements causing sickness. How to recognize these items? I'll teach you in my program.

About economic, wise and healthy grocery shopping, I save all the receipts from markets to show my students/patients at the end of program to prove this lesson to them: "You can eat healthier, tastier and cheaper than before, if you get this education." In Germany, I proved this to many patients. one month organic food and drinks expenses for each person per month became only 150 Euro per month. it did include 3 meals per day, snacks, drinks, salads and dessert. I asked them in every feedback, "Did you feel any hunger or thirst today?" the answer were always negative. They were amazed that how it is possible. But they physically and financially experienced it and they are doing it after my programs. It works even with very minimum wage. Therefore, If somebody claim that they can't afford my program, I call it an excuse for not having enough effort and time devoting their organs. 

What is the points about this?
Many people from around the world are sick from hunger, from thirst, from eating disorder and all other related reasons.
Many people are suffering from financial problem, unemployment, family problem, divorce and many people are either fighting with their government or talerating it to death gradually. 
When they get educated;
They can spend more than %50 less than before for food,
They can spend %80 less for drug, surgeries, chemo therapy and other expenses, They don't lose money from their sickness/weakness because of getting laid off or losing working hours.
imagine when everybody learn this education and do it.
imagine everybody buy orange instead of commercial orange juice, making home made pastry instead of buying highly processed pastry from stores, drinking pure water or home made drink instead of commercial drinks.
imagine a nation buy organic ingredients instead of buying commercial preseved processed food, can food, frozen food, fast food, restaurant GMO food, commercial snacks and commercial desserts.
The point is the number in dollar amount. The point is saving at least $600/day.
If you want to eat same quality food (organic, healthy and tasty) which I teach and serve you everyday in a restaurant, you need to spend at least $900/month/person for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks. With my method you spend only $150/month per person for all of these. 
Imagine how you can spend this saving $600/month. Please don't spend it till you read this website completely. Again, this $600 saving per month is only for one person.
According to my research, an ordinary westernized city with 3 million population (like capital cities or major cities) saves at least $1,800,000,000/month . How? $600 saving/month/person multiply 3,000,000 people in only one city.
Yes, imagine how those people of one city can live much better, much better life style, better education, spending less time at work, more time with family and loved one, more fun, more art, more exercise, more sport, more travel and more whatever you like or wished to do and/or to explore.
imagine no more crime. According to studies, the root of crime is poor education and poor economic situation.
If people eat like 70 years ago (non commercialized food), this amount remains in this average westernized city and boost the economy, boost life quality in every single family, improve health, reduces divorce, reduces crime and many other social problems by %80. When people learn about their body, nutrition and economy, they respect their body, mind and society much more. They cannot become victims in a society anymore. You may ask, "How?"
When you will look better, feel better, when you get more endurance and power (physically, mentally and financially), every smart employer wish to have you on aboard. Losing an excellent employee is like losing a piece of diamond. When the mindsets are correct, people don't get fooled by mental poisons (hatred, financial competition, jealousy, false accusation, selfishness, cheat, greed, lie and etc) anymore. They won't be followers or programed robot anymore. You may reply, "Are you asking us to change the world by reading some text in this website?" Once upon a time the world was way better than now. So many time, only one person changed the world at his time. Great Cyrus from over 2540 years ago. When was no internet, phone, fax or any of these to communicate or spreading the words. When there was no official university. No advanced transportation and other convenient machinary equipments. Yes, in that time, he wrote "INTERNATIONAL  CONSTITUTION" which nobody ever could write and establish it. He turned the world of his time to a heavenly peaceful place. the lands without any war, hatred, slavery, racism or other problems. Still all history specialists and related professors around the globe bow when his name pops up in a conversation.
You and I, let's ignore the society for a few minutes and being selfish. If you try my method, if you didn't get benefit, what do you really lose?? Money? Your health? Your mind? Your beautiful wife/husband? Your child/ren? Your master degree which won't help you when you get a serious disease?? Your job?
All those who started this program from themselves including me, not only we didn't lose any of these, but also we gain many priceless good things which we don't exchange them with the most expensive chunk of diamond. This can be very difficult for some of you to understand, but you certainly feel same when you finish this program. thereafter you automatically shift up your life style to a higher level.  I encourage you to make a symbol out of yourself for who you love and/or care. Then automatically they request you to teach them. Then they follow you to a better way to enjoy their life much more. Just like many students and patients have done it. Please don't preach them, let them see the improvement through your apearance and your behavior and ask you for it. This is how it spreads to society. From one person to family and friends, from family members and friends spread to a neighborhood, and from a neighborhood to a whole city, From the city to a whole country and  across the world. Many things sounded impossible to you. If somebody would tell you 60 years ago about talking live face to face in a small color TV which is also video camera, calculator, navigator, giving weather forcast, compass, managing your bank account, capability of sending videos and pictures around the world and etc, would you believe it??
Many assumptions turned into facts. Great Cyrus, Gandhi and many others turned the impossible to possilbe. "Being good takes patience and effort, being bad doesn't take anything. Just let the devil gets into you. it enforces you to a no point of return." You and I can make tons of excuses for not being good, but after all, we just fool ourselves. So, Let's think globally, not selfishly.
The world belongs to animals and plants too. They all are also alive. We do not own the world. When you drive a first generation fossil fuel engine vehicle, pull over and think over about how are you living for a few minutes?
Like a rat or like an eagle?
Is your point of views wide or narrow?
Then you'll be able to answer yourself to many questions. Why climate change? How the global warming happened? Who are doing it? How can we stop it? While I lived in Turkey and Frankfurt for about 2 years, I used %99 bicycle. Now in the U.S.A, I must use a sedan vehicle because of my job. But I chose a hybrid Toyota Prius which burn 1/3 of many typical first generation vehicles. It means I spend 1/3 less than ordinary people for fuel. Saving $50/month, having almost same horse power and polluting much less. I'm looking forward buying an fully electric/hybrid vehicle soon. This way, I don't pollute at all. I will use sollar panel for charging it. Let's add this $50/month to that $600/month. How much saving will be per month for a 3 million population city? How it effects their economic situations?


      When you shop and grocery wisely (buying ingredients instead of processed foods, snacks and drinks) you prevent cosmetic and serious health problems, you avoid financial problems and being more independant. you are fighting seriously with anti humanity which is much more effective comparing with protesting. You'll stand in a higher point to see everything better. All of these happens by taking this one method and getting many targets. 
      Some of you may think that I'm advertising about this method to make money. Believe it or not, I make at least twice as much in my previous job which has much less responsibility and much less working hours. How? In my previous job, my working hours were from 8:30 to 5:00. When I start a program with a patient, my working hours is from 7:00am till 7:00pm. I must monitor the patients even while they rest or sleep. Making sure that they don't use cell phone while they rest. they don't sneak a candy or Coke out, they don't sneak out from the program and etc. I think that you got the picture that I chose this major and occupation just to help myself, my family and people around  the world.  
In some case, when you buy ordinary non organic dairy product in U.S.A, manufactures haven’t listed growth hormone and antibiotic in “Ingredient” section on the package/bottle sticker. But when i sent it to lab, test was positive (It had). Therefore, when it goes to non organic, you can’t even trust the ingredient section. Even in organic food section, there are some poor quality raw nuts. Therefore, you’ll pay high price and getting bad toxic food. You may think, “It’s getting too complicated.
How can I recognize the good food from a bad food? What shall I eat and drink?, How should I shop?, Cooking is taking too much time., I don’t have much time to check ingredient section each time I buy something., Nothing happened to me so far., Why should I be careful?, “If all these things are wrong with those dairy product, why TV doesn’t announce it?”.
And many other thoughts and questions. It’s my job to educate and inform people how to shop, how to recognize high quality ingredients from the poor quality ones, from GMO and other detail. I guarantee that not only you'll learn all these information in a fun and easy way in my program, but also you notice that this way, the life is much easier and less complicated. For example: ordinary breakfast takes 1 hours to make and clean up, half an hour to eat (Total: 1.5 hour). But the tasty breakfast which I make for you, takes less than 30 minutes to make, and 15 minutes to eat. Total is 45 minutes including clean up. You'll save 45 minutes time wise each morning which is a quality time to put it in morning workout or exercise (swimming, running, aerobic or etc). You also save at least $2.00 per breakfast by this method each morning. Beside, this breakfast keeps you full all morning long without taking any snak. It also gives you steady high energy level wihout surging. 
Overall, I’m gladly here to help your mind and body to prevent diseases and cure itself, with your help. Just like everything else, learning whatever you imagine, takes patience, time and effort. If you spend these, you’ll take the benefits like: more stable mind, better skin, better hair, better feeling, better look, more power and more endurance in every physical and emotional activities with much less spending money and absolutely no side effect. Sharing good things with family, friends and surounding people reflects you great economy, positive energy, safety and many other benefits. 
      After all, no matter what nationality we have, we all need to respect and care about each other. If a nation financially is richer than another nation and is helping with money, it's not a favor. Why? because if  you investigate and search for the reason of why that nation is poor, it may come back us. We may deep down were the reason why they are financially poor. Everything has reflection, even a shiny cheap thing reflects a light. 
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