Farshad Khatabi

I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1965. My high school major was physiology/biology. Since I was really interested in human”s organs and muscles mechanism, my best grade was this subject and horrible grade in Arabic language, English and chemistry. I was interested in going to medical school. There was an entry exam with many demands. I had one chance to pass. Other wise, I had to sign up for military draft. I failed the exam.
Therefore, unlike my desire, I joined army and served it for 26 months during the war with Iraq. Thereafter, I decided to go to auto mechanic school. After finishing it and passing their exams, I became a general auto mechanic. I worked in Mercedes dealership in Tehran for awhile. There is few similarity between Auto mechanic and medicine.
1) No matter what are your theories, Body’s organs and vehicle’s systems function according logic, physic, mechanism and chemical laws. These organs don’t care about your title, popularity or your options. They don’t need to understand us. We need to understand them. Other wise, when we’re going to diagnose in order to heal or repair, we act and think like a mouse on a wheel. Running hard, getting frustrated and ended up in same exact spot. Some of M.Ds or Mechanics simply say, “Sorry, there’s no solution for this.”  

2) If you abuse the body, robot and/or any intelligent machine without caring, maintenance and understanding the systems, they either stop working, or in some case they work against you. Example: Cancer in body. 

3) Non of them can get manipulated by junk food, cheap parts, cheap motor oil, chemo and/or radio therapy. Other wise, they don’t cooperate. all alternative and artificial way like drugs, replacing or removing organs and additives either work temporary or it has a serious side effect. "Stop Leak" chemical in radiator, stops the leak for a while, but it clogs cooling channels in engine head and burns or cracks the cylinder head. Chemo therapy kills the cancer cells, but all other organs cells get extremely weak and they start to mutate to adapt to new environment by changing their gens (mutation). Therefore, the cancer in “Chemo cancer patients” will come back. Because, Physicians didn’t diagnose why the cancer occur from the first place. In exact same reason, cancer occur no matter how many time the patients get treated by chemo/radio therapy. Unless they correct the reasons. It’s a fact that it’s just a temporary patch up. The side effects make the patients feel even much worse.

2 years after, I moved to Germany. I worked for a Suburu dealership for a short time. Meanwhile friends encouraged me to move to United States of America. It happened that they gave me a tourist visa. Then I traveled to Seattle. I liked it and decided to live there with my friend's help, Shahriar. About permanent residency,  my lawyer said that I don’t have any case at the moment to apply. I decided to live there with expired visa. I lived in U.S illegally for about 14 years. I got a cash job as a Volvo mechanic with no ability to carry an English conversation. My employer gave me only 2 weeks notice to understand him and reply to him. Other wise he would fire me. Everyday after 8 hours of hard work (from washing toilet to engine repair), I would study English hard at home. Wherever I couldn’t understand, I would ask my Iranian friend/roommate (Shahriar) and his girlfriend. They gladly helped me. I couldn’t sign up at school, because I didn’t have a legal status. I learnt very fast and I could keep the job. Every few years, I changed a mechanic shop to expand my knowledge in different makes and models. I worked in a transmission shop, BMW Mechanic shop, Mercedes shop, Foreign cars shop, Auto body shop and got a lot of experience in diagnosing, repairing and even appraising BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and Toyotas value during all those years (more than 20 years). Every 5 years I had to upgrade my education to keep up with new technology and new electronic features. Therefore, I became expert in research via library and books. Then I noticed that computer is becoming new major tool for many jobs, study and etc. I took a chance and bought a computer. I thought that with 3 course computer classes which I took in Iran in 1985, I shouldn’t have any problem.But I didn’t know even how to go online. I got help from a friend (Shahram) who is an electronic engineer. Therefore, computer became another tool for my researches in general. Meanwhile, my lawyer called me and said that I can apply now via work sponsorship. Therefore, I had to change my job from auto mechanic to construction job. Because she wanted me to, for legal reasons. Therefore, my salary got reduced and worked for a construction company who was her friend for 2 years. So, I became an expert in exterior and interior residential and commercial painting, plumbing and carpentary. After She received all payments (total: $5000), she said, “That law doesn’t apply to you any longer.” Legally, I couldn’t request for refund. Because I signed her contract for no guarantee. Beside, I got back to the same spot I was before (illegal).
I felt that I did my best in Seattle and I have to move to another State where has a harder immigration policies to push myself to either get the green card or get deported. I was frustrated, sick and tired of being illegal. Therefore, I picked Tucson, Arizona (border state) and moved there in 2001. All of my friends told me, “Are you out of your mind? Moving to Arizona in the middle of July?”. A day after my arrival to Tucson, the heat reminded me my friends comment. Just after 20 minutes doing an oil change on my car, I felt that If I don’t finish the job in 5 minutes, I faint and end up in hospital. 

As usual, I got another auto mechanic cash job. After 6 months, I started my own business as a mobile auto mechanic. Then I rented a 2 door car garage shop to give more option for my clients. Here’s where I started to get clue about nutritional healing. Hot climate didn’t work with my old diet and my job which is around warm or hot engine, specially in hot climate. Customer and I didn’t have time to let engine cool off. I had to find a solution. I used to drink coffee and junk drinks (Coke, Pepsi, fake juice & …) instead of water, fruits and fresh juice, eating junk food (Mc Donald, Burger King & …) instead of real food, getting drunk with friends every weekend and no exercise. I thought that I’m saving money by eating junk food. Then head-ache came along and doctors didn’t know the reasons. One of them called it migraine. So, I took many pain killer for awhile. Then I ran a test on my body by stopping the junk drinks and junk foods and shortly after, the head-ache stopped. Beside, With this little change, I could handle the heat much easier than before. To me, that was a hint. I’m talking about when you see a seabird, you know that there’s a shore somewhere close. I started studying physiology again at home to get into the detail of every organs mechanism, positions and their jobs including nerving system and how did they respond to nutrition this fast. Old book said, “Brain mostly uses sugar and oxygen”. But the reality is: they recognize even the type of sugar, what type of air they get. Only O2? or O2 plus carbon mono oxide (CO)?

During my physiology study, I got a lot of stress about my illegal immigration status and it gradually caused ulcer. That proved me that a little bit improving the diet isn’t the only element which can cause disease or healing. I also were reading many wrong books about nutrition. Mind is another element for your health. Therefore, I had to switch my study to a different path to heal my ulcer and that was my only choice. Because a digestion system specialist M.D (Medical Doctor) told me that I need surgery which with my premium health insurance cost over $8,000 and I couldn’t afford it. They also offered a payment plan. I decided to choose the natural healing way. If that doesn’t heal it completely, at least it makes it better and I heal much faster than surgery. So, it will be easier for the doctor and me. I became my own lab rat. I tested all the items which was explained and listed in a Nutritional Healing book. I continued it for a month. Because I knew that scar in stomach heals 5 times slower than scar on external skin. After only 3 nights, I could sleep during the night without waking up with severe pain. That was the first sign. Shortly after that, I felt more energy at my work. 1 month special diet isn’t easy. But it cured me much better than any M.D could do. Because surgery and drugs have side effects. I didn’t need surgery. Even my mind started to work better in making important decisions. I started to study this specific major (Nutritional Healing) seriously since 2005.

Since I didn’t have any volunteer, I practiced on my other physical illnesses. Other illness and weaknesses like my right shoulder which got gradually injured in swimming competitions and practices, my right knee was in pain whenever I would lift a weight, hiking, swimming and going upstairs. All these weaknesses got healed with this method. After every cure, this path would open another door to me and I still believe that I haven’t explored them all. I felt like I landed in an island where nobody knows about it. An island with a lot of free wild delicious tropical fruits and vegetables, ideal temperature, a cave to live with a ocean view without paying a penny for rent, no unwanted job to pay for rent and food, No disease to have health insurance, no vehicles, no smog, no traffic, no waiting for bus, no drug, no thieves, no anger, no sadness, no fighting and no crimes. Does it feel like being in Paradise? Yes, That’s what I felt. Not only all of my illnesses got healed without paying a penny for any type of drugs (herbal or chemical), doctor visit and surgery, but also I learnt to help others and that made me feel even better. Friends like Desiree and Travis helped me to learn new food and pastry recipe to avoid poor quality processed food, drinks and pastries. . Dr. Leonard Ditmanson guided me in this path as well. I thank them all from deep of my heart in this line. No matter, where you live, there are always good people. you just need to look for them, just like looking for a gem stone in a river or dirt field. Don’t expect to find it within few hours. That’s why they cost more than river rock. Every gem stone also have some weakness. Amethyst loses it’s purple color in front of direct sunlight. So, you need to keep them in a shade or indoor. Emerald shouldn’t get washed by chemicals. Other wise it loses it’s clarity. I mean, we need to care about our precious friends. Other wise, we lose them. We need to accept their weakness to get benefit from their knowledge and their caring. What do we offer them? Whatever we can. Even one flower, a home made meal, a small gift or one fruit. these all work. At least, it brings a beautiful smile and a nice eye contact to their faces. 

About my immigration status, even the best lawyers turned me down and said, “you must go back to your country and reapply.” I studied related sections where may apply to me in United States immigration law book and applied by myself. After a few months waiting, the court granted my permanent residency. I really believed that how much proper nutrition can improve your mind. How? It reduces your stress, increases hope, opens mind to new ideas, activates your logic power, self control, discipline and shifts your mind from negative to neutral or positive.

After 11 years of serious study,  research and experiment in biology, physiology, nutritional healing, cancer, philosophy, and global economy, i am offering my education to public. This way you get many shortcuts, great health and upgrading your life style in many aspects. I hit dead ends many times by studying western academic nutrition books which they teach in major universities across the globe. Here’s one small example: In academic books stated that milk is the main source for getting calcium and each person must drink 3 to 5 cups per day. I tried it on my body. I started to get digestion problem and feeling ill. When I switched it to organic yogurt, the problem stopped. I discussed this with the professor who taught this book in university. He said that I may have allergy to milk. But the reality is that I don’t get that problem when I eat Organic yogurt. I asked why book doesn’t recommend yogurt? he simply said, “well, these are same thing. Both comes from cow.” But, the fact is commercial milk formula is very different with organic yogurt. Why? commercial milk (In U.S.A) has growth hormone, antibiotic and bleach to turn the actual color of their milk which is pink, to white. Why pink? because, they milk their cows with suction machine. Cow can’t tolerate that much negative pressure, specially with that speed. Therefore they bleed into their milk. in order to hide that problem, they add bleach. Why do they add antibiotic? because they feed the cow with GMO (Genetically Modified Organs) corn and animal waste. Therefore, cows immune system get very weak and they get infection easily. The list goes on and on. But Organic yogurt made from a milk which came from a cows which have fed with natural organic grass. that makes a huge different in taste and quality. Let’s put the Commercial (GMO) milk on a side, since it’s way out of standard. What’s the different between organic milk and organic yogurt? milk doesn’t have much probiotic, but yogurt has 100 times more probiotic than milk. This makes the yogurt into a super food, comparing with milk. Milk turns into acid in human stomach, yogurt turns into alkaline liquid in stomach and helps a lot to neutralize the PH of the whole body at the end. Again, Why do they teach, “GMO milk is a source of calcium.”? Why Not organic milk or organic yogurt? These are 2 questions out of many questions which I’m going to answer you. What are healthy tasty economic replacement food, drinks and pastries? This subject was another part of my project which I experienced and came up with many %100 natural Fresh, Organic, Raw, Vegan delicious food and drinks recipes. You’ll taste them in every visit you have with me. Since breakfast is foundation of your working performance and success, I set your first appointment in morning time and I feed you a breakfast which I came up with. While you have your breakfast, I explain this method. If you have any health problem or any type of mental or physical weakness, you mention it in your form which I give you as soon as we meet. This is my method: I offer you all of my knowledge during my programs. I personally believe that nutrition effects only 35% of your mental and physical health. That’s why in my program, I combined nutritional healing with mental cleansing. If you decide to get all these education, I gladly teach you in details. As you know, %90 of health care providers are based on academic medical schools, owned and funded by drug companies. That’s why whenever you go to M.D’s, they don’t ask you, “What do you eat or drink?” Because, they took only 2 hours of nutrition class in their 8 years general medicine school. Even in that nutrition class, they learn from western academic nutrition book which doesn’t even mention GMO. doesn't mention feeding cattle with animal waste and doesn't mention polluting rivers in a massive way, because of giving them permission to build their industrial farm beside rivers. So, go figure. There are many dietician and nutritionist. But it’s very important that what is their source. western nutrition science or natural nutrition science. Western nutrition science came up with this idea that nutrition based on people’s blood type. According to their book, because my blood type is "O", I must eat a lots of red meat, milk and avoid some vegetables. Obviously I didn’t need to look for a volunteer to test this, I tested on my body. I started to eat red meat and avoid those vegetable for 10 days. Not only my cholesterol level went up, but also I started to get weak and my endurance in swimming became less. I stopped the meat in two reasons: a) to get back to my actual standard health. b) to prove to public that the academic chemical healing science doesn’t work. It’s just a theory. Not a fact. Unless, I am an alien. Last time I checked, I was not. I've already finished my book in Farsi language. I’m working on my English version. As soon as I finish and edit it, I offer it to public.

I think that I’ve said enough about myself and my path. No matter which way you choose, I don’t make any money on any product or drug. If you have any question or comment, I’ll be happy to answer or reply. God bless you all.


        Farshad Khatabi
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