Hints & Tips

Hints and Tips

I give you some hints and tips in this content to start with and I’ll explain the rest, face to face to you or reply to your email. Other wise this page will be too long. Well, Whatever major you decide to study, it seems complicated in the beginning. But when you open a new window in your mind and spend time along effort, you’ll learn it. Then it becomes interesting, attractive, useful and fun subject to talk about or even practicing it. Specially a subject which your mind and body need it. Many of us, spend hours and hours to learn something which may become useful, may not. We spend hours to watch TV,  to read romans, to play video games and to watch games. On the other hand, we spend many hours of time to make money and spend it to have physical and mental pleasure. But, many of us forget these:
a) We can’t feel variety of physical pleasure without this body which we are filling it up with toxic material, consciously or/and unconsciously.

b) We can’t feel variety of mental pleasure (laugh, happiness, love and etc..) without nerving system, skin and other organs. Believe it or not, they constantly get fed by us. If we don’t feed or treat them correctly, they frankly cause you pain and problems. head ache is one of them which is a warning and we shouldn’t take pain killer to shut it down. %90 of head-aches are caused by wrong nutrition and wrong mind set. I take the challenge and accept all patients with head-ache and even migraine. The only patients who I don’t accept, are those who took chemo therapy. unfortunately, their immune system is extremely damaged. This system is very complex and extremely important. Without it, equals death or artificially barely alive.
Social economy:
c) To skip and avoid GMO (Genetically Manipulated Organs) produce and seeds, Hormone, Antibiotic, preservatives, hydrogenated oil, thickening agents, carrageenan, artificial flavor, artificial colors, corn syrup, citric acid and many other toxic additive products, You simply can buy either Organic product or %100 natural products. Try to buy your food mostly in ingredient form instead of processed form. What that mean? Buy Orange instead of orange juice. It’s cheaper and healthier. How? When you buy juice, you also pay for labor, container and advertising. Since there’s a huge competition between food and drink companies, they bring the quality as low as possible to make profit and stay in business. They even use GMO ingredients and cheap recycled containers to bring their cost down. But when you buy the actual organic fruit, Not only you trust what you’re eating, but also you eat all pulps as well which is a great source of minerals. In fact, it taste much better than the commercial juice. Since fruits don’t need advertising, you haven’t paid for advertising either. Automatically more money goes to organic farmer’s pockets. This results more money get recycled in every society. Other wise, Whatever you pay for processed food and drinks goes to a few companies bank accounts which most of them don’t live in your city or town to spend it back. Therefore economic problem occurs. This is the answer to “Why lately many countries one after another are getting bankrupt???”
When a small nation in a small country spend at least $7,000,000 per day for main brand commercial foods and drinks, we shouldn’t get surprised to hear many countries are either bankrupt or about getting bankrupt or their federals owes billions of dollars to private banks.
please calculate how much money annually from your town, city or your state goes to big companies (Like Cokes Mc Donald and etc...) . This is a big impact to economy. War is another economy destroyer. U.S.A spent between 1 to 1.7 billion dollar per day for war since 2011. But American still must provide thousands of dollars for a ordinary surgery with having health insurance. Many small businesses get killed by these commercial products. Mc Donald, Pepsi, Coke and Starbucks are few of them. Example: Instead of local organic farms which produce organic dairy, industrial GMO farm/farms took over the farming lands. Farmers must sell their properties and cattle and move to big cities and either get a cheap job or get unemployment (if their government pay). How it relates to us? instead of tasty organice dairy and produce, we get high priced tasteless hormoned, GMO and pestisided dairy and produce and rising unemployment rate. It follows to cancer and other dieseases along financial problems. it may also results divorce and many other social problems. You may reply, “Organic ingredients are expensive.” If you calculate how much you pay for health insurance, doctor visit, drugs, taking suffer from side effects and illnesses, you will reconsider this. You even feel better after eating organic produce comparing with GMO.
d) If you buy any brand of processed food, drink, cookie, candy, cake and juice, make sure to read “Ingredient” section. If you don’t understand the meaning of even 1 item, put the product down.
Because not only you’re waisting your money, but also you are paying to get sick. Not all poison kills instantly.
Theses anti environmental pesticides and chemical additives store in all type of muscles (including sexual organs) and fat part of body and cause weaknesses and disease like MS, cancer and etc. How do you feel about that? Don’t you feel victimized and manipulated? This picture shows happy cancer cells and weak regular cells. They used to work for you everyday and got paid with food and water. This is like a deal between you and your organs. Whoever cheat in this contract, the deal is off and another side unplug itself. If you cheat in this deal and feed them with toxic food, your cells talerate it for awhile. That doesn't make them stupid. Finally they lose their hope about you. In order to survive, they changed their gens carefully to work for themselves efficiently and make a protection against your immune system. If you put yourself in their shoes, what would you do? 
e) Why should you be careful? All of those sick people who are in hospital and fighting with their disease and drug’s side effects, said in the past, “I don’t care how long i’m going to live. Sooner or later we all die. So, why should I stop smoking cigaret and marijuana, stopping drinking alcohol, stopping my favorite brand ice cream?”. But when they get sick, they accept chemo therapy to live a few months longer. Most of us fight for life. It's more logical and intelligent to take care of yourself before is too late. I agree with them about we all are going to die sooner or later. But how? If I don’t care about my own health and life, how can I care about a person who I love? What about love and caring? What about life style? Non of us can take a penny after death, The only think stay with us and we can’t avoid it, is our soul and whatever we’ve done, whatever we felt and all impression we gave and received. Good impression comes from caring about yourself (Physically and mentally).

There are a lot of fun and pleasures which are inexpensive activities. Having types of fun which your mind and your body like them together, aren’t expensive. For example: Playing ping pong cost much cheaper than drinking alcohol, swimming and/or rowing in lake or sea are cheaper than marijuana. Aerobic and dance classes, is also cheaper than just drinking  alcohol in a smogy bar. Eating your favorite fruits and foods are pleasure, Inviting friend over and having a simple food together, writting a short story along acting it and playing old games together are the most inexpensive healthy fun activities. Non of these items have side effects. But alcohol, cigarette and marijuana do. side effects like: bad breath, lethal car accident, stupidity, digestion problem, mood swing and variety of diseases. The choice is yours. After all, yes, we all are going to die, sooner or later. But how do we live? When we take care of our body and mind, we take care of our behavior and quality of our lives.  marijuana and drug users don’t have same stable mental and physical performance comparing with their past. Enjoying our lives is a knowledge. If we get weak at it, first of all we need to accept it, then we need to explore with open mind (reset your mind) and learn. Second of all, put it in action. It will pay you back. I'm here to teach you how to enjoy your life. 
f) Why didn’t public media broadcast this information on TV news in United States? I speak from this side of world because I live here since Feb.1993. Many youth people follow Unites States footsteps. I prefer to answer this question face to face or in email.

g) Try and practice to make every food and drink from scratch. Why do you buy juice, when you can buy fruit? Is that cheaper? There can be a reason behind it. Here’s a fact, more than %90 of commercial juices have citric acid (preservative) in it. You may say, “Well, so what?”


DAY 1: Please drink a glass of ordinary non organic commercial orange juice as soon as you wake up (empty stomach). wait for 20 minutes and then eat your breakfast.

DAY 2: squeeze a whole fresh lemon into a glass of spring water (don’t put the skin lemon in it) and drink it within a minute. 20 minutes later eat your breakfast, or simply drink a fresh squeezed organic orange juice (made by yourself).

  • Unlike what %90 of people think, In day 1 you will feel pain in your stomach.
  • In day 2, you won’t feel any pain.
  • Why in day 1 the commercial juice gave you a burning sensation? Because it was from concentration process plus citric acid. 
  • Why in day 2 the fresh lemon juice and water/pure fresh squeezed organic orange juice didn’t cause any pain? Because, it wasn’t processed, It's fresh and has no preservative.
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