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This is my job and humanity duty to inform you these knowledge as long as you open your mind. Some material may are against what you have heard or read before. I’m announcing this online. therefore it must be based on fact. Other wise people call me lier or a fraudulent.
All the statements which I wrote here or I verbally tell you in meeting, have been tested on varieties of humans with different blood types, different gender and different ages including myself. Some of you may think, this is just a healthcare business like many others. Yes, I charge you for my service.

But I had choices to make money from many other ways and even much more than this. I am not selling you any products and I never will. When you get benefit from this method and tell to others, makes me happy and brings me business. I use this tool (website) to introduce this method to the world. Because %90 of people don’t know about this.

All they know is either western medicine (chemical drugs, radiation, surgery and other methods to fight with symptoms) or natural drugs (herbs) and/or Energy therapy and/or accupunctury and/or Nano technology. Not nutritional healing which doesn’t offer any type of medications. I proudly offer Nutritional Healing to people around the world. I also accept any medical challenge. Even advanced cancer, severe Migraine, Kidney stones, Severe advanced Ulcer, Thyroid and other gland"s hormone imbalance and MS (Multiple Sclerosis).
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