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This question is from a client. The reality is:
GMO is alternative for Organic. GMO is alternative for natural ingredients. %90 of people unconsciously got programmed/brain washed by GMO companies. How?
- Not labling GMO ingredients.

- Processed food companies use GMO ingredients and not labling it. 

- Hiding the harmful damages information from academic system.

- Advertising GMO in academic system in order to brain wash the educated new generation.

Do you prefer what the nature created for you, or what GMO engineers manipulated for you?

GMO technology is fully corporation based technology. This is a fact. As many of you know, all corporations grew and became big corporations based on greed. Psychologically, the greed has no ending, even you give the planet Earth as a gift to them. They still have greed about having other planets. Imagine what do they do with seeds to make more money out of them!! 

 The original ingredients are the %100 organic, and GMO is the alternative. This is the fact which you need to accept for your life quality's sake. Other wise, you are their victims. This subject is the "Turning Point". I do my best to explain it well. If you ask a GMO engineer about GMO, They say, "GMO products have more necessary mineral, more protein and more vitamins. That might be true, may not. But, the fact is the GMO engineer simply can manipulate the cell to enforce the organism to produce more nutrients. But with what price? What will happen when push your slaves even further? In organic world, there are no abusing. It's like doing a business with nature. But in industrial GMO is "owning them and abusing them" they own seeds. everybody can add vitamins in a cow urine and claim, "this is better than spring water because this has vitamin, but water doesn't have vitamin."

      They use a gene from a leathal bacteria in the most of GMO seeds to kill vegetarian good bug in order to harvest more seeds.

Have you ever heard or read anything about GMO protest, GMO products in any main stream media?

They say, "We correct Organ's genes."They basicallly mean that the creator/God made many mistakes in creation and made many people and animals sick. therefore we came along to correct all these mistakes. Then with drug companies help, we heal people.

      Other wise there was no point to invest millions of dollors in this study, research and production lines. They replied, "we did this to solve the hunger around the world. The fact is: Not only they didn't solve the hunger during all these years, but also the hunger spreaded to more countries. They caused and are causing many dieseases around the world. Example: MS (Multiple Sclerosis). One of my sectrets in healing process is "Non GMO" ingredients. If you think that this free information is worthless, it's your loss. I don't lose or gain anything financially by this blog. Sometimes free thing worth many times more than expensive things.

       Since people don't hear this type of critical turning point information in Media, in popular academic universities, from their physicians, their professors, their friends and their parents, they think this information are just a theory and not a fact. In my research I asked many highly educated people and non educated people about GMO. Here are their answers:

Well, I ate a lot of GMO product and I didn't die. As you see, I'm alive.

Well, I have a master degree in nutrition and my professors didn't say anything against GMO.

Well, everybody are eating and drinking it. If something was wrong with it, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) wouldn't allow it in market.

Well, this is cheaper and it costs me less feeding myself and my family. 

Well, GMO will solves the hunger around the world. 

Well, if I want to use organic ingredients, I don't make enough money in my restaurant.

Well, I've never heard this. Sorry, I don't have time for this.

Well, my pet is eating it and still is alive. 

and etc.

      Sometimes we unconsciously get physically and mentally lazy which starts from digestion system, point of views, bad body posture and poor breathing technic. Therefore, we make decision based on laziness. Obviously the result will be unpleasant. Even if you want to build a chair based on laziness, it will not come out right (unlevel which causes back pain, weak and poor design). Imagine when it goes to very complex cells and organs in human and animals body which all constantly communicate and cooperate with each ohter via hormones, blood stream, electrical signals and etc. All are related to each other. Mind, bones, skin, eyes, joints, ears, hair, posture and many other organs rely  on  digestion system. American say, "You are what you eat." Imagine those who chimney wise smoke, those who drink alcoholic beverages on regular basis, those who eat GMO products everyday. All of them expect to get healed by a drug, by a surgery, by a radiation, by chemo therapy while they work 40 hours per week. Most of them insist to get back to work immediately. These type of people are also suffering from mental constipation. one of it's symptoms are: Doing too many tasks in a very short amount of time, accepting too many job beyond their  limit, lifting 5 water melons with 2 hands. No matter how many hours I blame these type of people is just wasting time. Why? Because nobody can fight with symptoms. If they do, they lose. Why? because the cause remain as long as these type of people live. Is "greed" the cause? Greed is also a symptom from a mental disorder. It's deeper than this. I teach the detail about "POINT OF VIEWS" in my class. 

      Do you think that the way we think isn't related to what we eat?

      Do you think our joints and bones functions aren't related to what we eat?

      Do you think that our digestion system and in general our cells can't recognize the difference between GMO and organic?


      I try to answer all these in this paragraph. If I miss anything, please call or email me. All GMO products have anti environment commercial feathers. For example: Most of GMO products are designed to kill bugs instantly in order to get more product in harvesting time. How?

Since these companies wanted to save more money by avoiding purchasing poison, paying to pilots, renting airplanes (for spraying it over the farming fields) in order to kill pests, They decided to use GMO technology for this matter too. Their engineers steal a specific gene from a leathal bacteria and they use it for the most of seeds. This way all bugs and pests get killed instantly after taking a bite from these "Corrected" seed. Some of you replied, "Well, see! I've been eating GMO regularly and I'm alive." 

      If you think surfacely, I don't expect more than this from you. But if you think deeply, human body is thousand of times bigger than a tiny pest or a small bug. Therefore it doesn't kill human instantly. First of all makes human and animals sick which bring billions of dollars extra income for drug companies. Second of all The profit for industrial farmers and GMO companies get much higher by not using spraying poison by airplanes. This is a clue to show you that there's a way to process the news in the brain. Not accepting any raw news and base your lifestyle on it.

      I don't want to spend too much time in this blog. Because About %70 of people aren't open to listen or read odd subjects. Therefore I don't waste your time and mine. But, back to the question:

If you live in a country where GMO legally must be announced, you simply recognize the GMO products by reading the "INGREDIENTS" section. Other wise, you need to buy only organic in order to not taking a chance eating GMO products. In some countries there are no Organic standard. In that case, I recommend you paying attention to the shape of product and many other details which I teach in my class. For example: If a Tomato has a thick skin, It's most likely GMO.

If there is no sticker like "Organic" and "Non GMO" on a product, that most likely can be GMO. Here is another help: %70 of Non Organic rice around the world are GMO. %60 of Non organic Soy are GMO. %90 of Non organic corn are GMO. I hope that I opened another window in your mind by now. I mean: Process information before saving it in your brain, please! Even this blog.  


       All GMO products were/are based on financial reason and anti environment point of views. 

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