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every diesease has causes, just like every tree has rootsImagine that your are an owner and director of a company and I am one of your employees. When you started this business, you impressed me and other employees with nice comfortable working environment (clean air, comfortable temprature, professional equipments, well designed high quality lighting system), paying on time, health insurance, paid vacation, offering breaktime, including high quality lunch and snack and increasing salary as we get more experience annually. But after a few year, things started to change in your .... (click on title to read more..)

...things started to change in your management. You turned the heater off in winter. When I complained about the cold and how it decreases my performance, you replied, "You're the only one who complain. Beside it's too expensive to turn the heater on." I automatically can't work as fast and as good as before. I practiced to talerate this situation and continued working. Then in summer time, you turn the A/C off. I complained about it and said, "This is different from winter. I wore more in winter. But in this heat, I can't adapt." You replied, "Well, you again Mr. complainer. I'm not wasting money on electricity bills. just deal with it. Get back to your work now." so I got back to work. After a while, you shut the windows and turn the ventilation system off. I complained again about the poor oxygen level and odor of toxic material in factory. It causes me head-ache. I want the windows opened and turning the vents system back on now or I must quit working for a day to get rid of my head-ache." You replied,  "Are you threatening me? Get back to work now or you don't get your salary this month." 

In order to cooperate, I stop working for a day to make myself feel better a little. But at end of the month when I needed money to pay my rent, feeding my children, paying utilities and etc, you didn't pay my salary and basically you caused me and my family suffer from hunger and living in poor and dirty environment. I talerated this situation more and hoping to get paid in the next month. Because of my poor condition, my working performance got worse. This time you blame me for why I work slower. I replied, "You didn't pay my salary. How can I work when I don't have money to buy food? how can I work when my family are hungry and dirty at home?" This time you replied, "I fire you, if you don't work as good as first day." Now I see myself in a much worse condition and situation. I and my family are hungry, the landlord is about to kick us out, we all stink from dirt (no shower), we all are worried about now and future. I think over and over before going to bed. A day after I come to this conclusion: "I'm not strong enough to work better to impress my boss. I can't adapt myself to this dirty dark disgusting working environment anylonger, The boss is not willing to pay me anytime soon or not paying me at all. I don't trust him anymore. My beloved children are hungry, weak and sick. If I quit and look for a job somewhere else, nobody is going to hire an old weak dirty worker when there are many young stronger clean educated men are out there?. If I don't make a right decision now, we all have to suffer to death. Therefore I'm going to rob the company and scape away with my family some where else and opening my own company. I don't think it's difficult. I know when money comes and goes in the company. I steal it on a right time. 

      Well, Since I worked in your company for over 20 years, I know everything about you, your family, your employees, your company and all other details. Then I rob few hundred thousand dollars from you without leaving any finger print or evidence. Therefore, I start a new life. Living like a king. I move to a fancy house instead of ugly apartment, going to best restaurant with my beautiful family, spending money for whatever we like, going to vacations which we wished before. All is and was from your money and what you owed me. 

      On your side, you get angry and hire a detective to investigate me. Long story short, you manage to sue me. Now I must defend myself in courtroom. I know what I've done, but I don't regret. I also realize going to court room can be a one-way road for me. However, I made myself ready for this possiblity too. Therefore I've already gave all the cash money to my family, I shared everything I know about you and your company with my family. I guided them, "If I don't come back, you know what to do. Good bye." Yes, the judge found me guilty and removed me from society (lifetime in prison). You will be happy and proud of yourself that you set me as a bad symbol for the rest of employee. You made a very good speech in front of your employees that if somebody want to stab me from behind, will have a horrible destiny like Farshad. But you don't know that you dug a big deep grave for yourself and you don't have even a clue about what you've done. Because my wife invited all other employees to a restaurant and did a long speech after the dinner. Beside she financially helped those who were in critical situation and saved many employees from hunger, diseases and being homeless. Now there are hundreds of Farshad who not only steal whatever you have, but also kill you and your family without leaving any evidence. This time even detectives can't figure it out either. Because my wife taught them all how to do the job done right.

       Have you got some idea about the cancer now? Allow me to explain in physiology format. When you abuse your body (organs/cells) by wrong mindsets or wrong point of views, by wrong lifestyle, by using drugs with sever harmful side effects, by antibiotic, by growth hormone, by highly processed protein powder, by artificial colors and flavors, by hydrogenated oil (Margarine, Vegan butter, Palm oil), by artificial sweetener, by smoking marijuana, by smoking cigarett, by drinking alcohol, by eating and drinking GMO foods and drinks, by choosing and living in a polluted stressful city, by using dead water, by getting Electro magnetic radiation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from your smart phone, from your wi-fi internet router and finally from your neighbors wi-fi internet routers (upstair, downstair, the one on the left and the one on the right hand side), by sunlight UV (Ultra Violet) radiation, by taking X-ray, by eating dead animals, by eating partially burned food, by eating fried food and etc, your variety of cells are tolerating this new terrible nasty dirty stinky environment which you provided for them. They have to work overtime without getting paid overtime. You enforce them all by taking vitamin pills, pain killer, protein shake, redbull, Coke, Coffee, black tea and energy drinks to work harder. Not too long after this, one of your organ who are more intelligent than the other, rises against you and warn you about your poor management/life style. So, you get offended and fight with him with drug. At this turning point, this organ turns right against you in order to fight back. Its mother cells start to change gene/genes in a very specific intelligent way in order to use this new environment as a supply source. Imagine one of your worker are that intelligent to make advanced weapon from your scrap metals in your backyard and he uses it for killing you. As the cells are mutating, they teach it to other organs too just in case of losing their lives in this war. Well, you kill them with surgery, radiation and chemo therapy. But the other organs and variety of cells got the lessons and free experience from the dead cells and are preparing themselves if you continue abusing. Well, you continue same old life style and continue abusing other weakened organs. This time all organs are united and they all fight with you after mutation. Not only they make stronger weapon against you, but also they are well experienced. Because they know what type of weapon you used in the past. Here's the worst part. This time you are fighting with many organs, not one. Who should you blame? The God? The doctor? your spouse? Your child/ren? A friend? I don't think so. 

       If I get cancer and fight with my cells like I explained you in above, I blame myself. Why? because I'm the one who made the decision to go to war with my own body in the first place. Because I chose the war as the first option. Not second and not third. When I start the war, I should expect a bad reflection from my enemy. 


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