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First of all, people with these problem need to know the reason of it, before taking any harmful action to lose weight. Most of them take a wrong path, therefore they get frustrated and finally go back to same routine. If you continue reading this, you can solve it as easy as taking a trip. 


-Digestion system cosmatic surgery in order to eating less.


-Reducing quantities of meals.

-Drinking more water instead of real meals to manipulate the stomach.

-Taking supplements, highly processed protein powder and other processed things instead of real food.

and few other wrong paths.

      Before starting fighting with your weight, you need to study and understand the physiology of mammals. When you plan to fix a car, do you try to fix it by guessing? If you do that, the chance of making it worse will be very high. Thereafter a technician may refuse to accept repairing it. Same thing when it goes to losing weight. You need to take your body to a right physician. Other wise, the body gets sever irrecoverable damages by wrong surgeon or physicain.

       We guarantee 14lbs (7kg) hunger free weight loss within 14 days without any side effect, with many other targets to hit. Like: 

- improving all organs including skin in order to function and look better. 

- Correcting your skeleton, your stance and your movements in general

- Educating you about how to prepare delicious intelligent meal, pastry, Ice cream and drinks.

       Our natural way is the safest and most effective way ever. 

Because you don't need a daily heavy work-out, no need for surgery, no need for any type of drug, or herb. Because non of these path cure the problem. Some of you may think that over weighting is normal since many of people faced this problem. Even if this reaches %99 of people, the problem still remained and people are ignoring it instead of facing and soving it. 

      Some of the above procedure has sever harmful side effects, some has minor side effect. Not only the patient doesn't reach the goal, but also causes many physical and emotional problems like:

Digestion system diseases, hormone imbalances, mood swing, bad body odor, bad breath, head-ache, skin sentitivity, hair loss, weakening immune system and all other organs, poor physical and mental endurance and etc. Overall decrease the life quality. over weighting is a minor disease which can cause by a minor hormone imbalance, sugar addiction, mental and digestion system constipation and etc. We can't tell all over weighting has same reason. The patient needs to get diagnosed first. Again by any type of surgery, either the over weighting occurs again or sever side effects hit the patient. Then being over weighting for awhile till you solve the problem, That's what I highly recommend. Fighting with symptoms has a huge backfire. 

     Other cosmetic side effects are: Losing beauty, because face and body get too thin, eyes lose their original shape and skin looks sick. Some of them take chemical or/and herbal medications to lose weight. That is not a right way either. 


It can be genetically or just occurs. Either way, curing them, are similar. If it's genetic, one or few of their glands are out of balance. If it's not genetic, they are victims of commercial food and drink companies Which comes from lack of nutrition knowledge.

No matter which case you are in, your body needs to get detoxed by the cleansing which I designed. Why? Because, if it's genetic, your glands also get detoxed and they will give right amount of hormones. If it isn't genetic and it just caused by poor diet, burns all fats along hidden pathogenic bacteria and toxic materials in it.

After cleansing, you lost all old fats which are yellowish color. If some of you like to gain some weight after that, you can get new fats by organic non hydrogenated, non GMO vegetable oil and organic fresh fruits. This type of fat after cleansing, are whitish color. Because it comes from good source. That's why they aren't yellow.

Ladies are much harder to convince for cleansing. Because they are too worried about their skin, body shape and in general, about cosmetic aspect. Since they saw many people who took a wrong path, they think that this way also has those side effects. But this way, not only has no side effect, but also make them more beautiful with more proportional body.

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