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Skin and hair unlike many people think, are %90 alive. As long as the hair is attached to the hair cell (follicle), it's alive and needs to be treated intelligently which means we shouldn't use heating up with hair dryer and any other equipments, we shouldn't dye it with chemical hair coloring material, we shouldn't use hair conditioner and we shouldn't use chemical shampoo. Hair conditioner clogs all the scalp pores. Therefore it malfunction. Of course the hair is a part of scalp. Many internal reasons cause hair loss, hair thinning and hair leprosy. But unfortunately, many people think hair is an object like leather and must be conditioned exernally. The hair quality mostly relates to nutrition and in general, life style including asleep cycle. For example: if you sleep early and wake up early, the follicles function better. When the body gets detoxed properly, follicles function better. Many other elements which I cover them in program, make follicles happier and healthier.

It depends on which part of body, about %80 of skin is alive and only %20 of it dead. Even that %20 is able to absorb harmful chemical substances. The most of them don't get detoxed with this industrial life style, unless you use Elements Natural Healing or similar method.

        Example: Even your finger tip skin which has a thicker dead skin comparing with some other part of your body, can easily absorb all the chlorine in a glass of fresh tap water. It does not get detoxed with an ordinary llife style. imagine how many other poisonous substances skin is capable to absorb!

      Hair and skin illnesses just like many other illnesses have developed by many elements. Therefore, it takes many elements to heal it.  Many nationalities use very expensive shampoo, conditioner, skin lotion and make up supplies. They also paid billions of dollars across the world for planting hair, injecting chemical in different parts of face, lifting face and other methods without paying attention what they eat, how they breath, what they drink, what type of shoes they wear, what color clothing they wear, what material they choose in facric, how long they offer their skin for sun exposure, how they use their wi-fi, how long they use their wireless service and many other elements.

       Afterall, in most cases, all of these antibody procedures and chemical cause the opposit sex repel instead of attraction. Unless the opposit sex sees the sex partner as a sex object. 

      When it goes to cosmatic matter, healthy life style makes people much more beautiful and more attractive. Specially in sexual connection and attraction. 

     I think that I made my point. Thank you for open mind.

I'm not against any of these process as long as it's the last remedy. If these are your first remedy, means that you believe that skin and hair are dead and you are treating them with chemicals. Just like processing a dead skin from animals to make a high quality leather.

just for few minutes, let's switch our mindset from negative to positive: "OUR SKIN AND HAIR ARE ALIVE.". How do you treat them, if they are alive? Do you still smoke? do you still drink alcohol regularly? Do you drink coffee regularly? Do you drink sodas (Coke) and other processed drinks regularly? Do you eat junk food? Many other thoughts and questions may come to your minds.

Our skin and hair constantly use O2 (Oxygen) and food. they also need to get detoxed every single minute. Other wise, they start to malfunction.

What elements are against our skin and hair?
a) Poor quality food and drinks
b) Polluted air and smoking
c) Wrong mindset which increases stress by %80 more than normal mode.
d)ِ Exposing your skin against sunlight more than 15 minutes per day. I totally understand that sunlight gives vitamin D. You skin gets enough vitamin D in that 15 minutes per day. If it's not enough, use other sources. Because, ozone layer is broken apart and no longer can protect us against X-ray from sunlight. that's why suntan caused many skin marks like freckle skin burn, skin cancer and etc. X- ray burns more than actual sunlight.

How our hair root and skin cells get weak and/or die?
Hair and skin cells just like all other cells get fed by capillaries. But when these cells get surrounded by toxic materials, capillaries reduce their exchanges of O2 with CO2 and food with cells waists.

What happens when hair and skin cells get weak?
When hair cell (hair root) get weak, the warning appears by thinning hair and dandruff. If the problem doesn't get solved, hair falls.
When skin cell gets weak, it become too sensitive against bacterias which causes pimple and acne in people with oily skin in face area and shoulder. In people with regular or dry skin, skin allergy appears frequently. After all, in adult people, older than 25, skin starts to get wrinkle. After 40 years, skin starts to sag.

Here's an excellent news. here's a very inexpensive way which doesn't cost you anything and has no side effect. You need to condition your hair and skin from inside out. Not from outside in. Here are first steps:
a) Switch to organic food
b) Breath only clean air or at least cleaner air.
c) Exercise regularly. I recommend aerobic, swimming, hiking and running.
d) No smoking, No processed sugar, No coffee, No sodas, No black tea, No alcohol for a while.
e) taking probiotic 1 hour after finishing each meal. Why? These good bacterias make vitamin B family for you which is good for your skin and hair.
f) Switch you mind from negativity at least to neutral (not positive, not negative)

After you get good at these items, contact me and I will send you the next step.

Thank you all for your time.

Best regards
Farshad Khatabi

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